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  1. C

    Palisades Wedding of the Century Kermit/Piggy set for sale

    Any chance someone wants to make an offer on this before I go down the eBay route?
  2. C

    Happy 30th anniversary, Follow That Bird

    I started school in 1984, and before too long I was whisked along in a tidal wave of what I would later discover is called peer group pressure. Those fellow scholars who wanted to prove themselves as 'cool', 'tough' or 'mature' passionately proclaimed that Sesame Street was a "babies' show". My...
  3. C

    CherryPizza's clearance sale

    Hey all For those who missed my last post, my life has come out of a storage unit after three years, and it's now time to play the music, light the lights... and clear out the clutter. Just about all of my Muppet collection is getting discarded. Since there was some interest when I was...
  4. C

    Anyone having any luck with selling?

    Long story short: In a week, belongings which have been filling a storage unit for the last few years are going to be taken to my current home. There will be a lot of items I'll be clearing out, including the vast majority of my Muppet collection (which is sad, but since I haven't even seen...
  5. C

    Your thoughts on fan-made/unofficial merchandise

    So, I know that everyone draws the line in different places when it comes to determining the difference between 'crafty tribute' and 'copyright violation'. I was just at my local service station (gas station/tank station/whatever you call it in your neck of the woods) where beanies resembling...
  6. C

    Sesame Street Learning Kit

    I've managed to acquire a copy of the 1970 Sesame Street Learning Kit containing everything except the record. In the interests of making the kit complete, I'm hunting down a copy of the record. I know it's not exactly rare, but the first album was released in numerous forms in 1970. Does anyone...
  7. C

    Schleich figures for sale

    A number of doubles (and triples, quadruples, etc) from my collection. If you're interested in making an offer on any of these, please message me, including the numbers given next to the description of any item. Where I have more than one of a particular figure available, this is mentioned after...
  8. C

    Old Bert and Ernie sketch I can never seem to locate

    Ernie answers the phone. He says, "You went on a picnic today..." He keeps repeating the caller's story back to the caller (even as a young'un this made no sense to me) Bert keeps emotionally reacting to what he hears Ernie saying I forget how it ends, but instinct says it would probably...
  9. C

    Three different vintage sets in original boxes for sale

    Hi, all. Trying to scrape together some money for my trip, and a search through my cupboard revealed these items that someone here may be interested in owning: Sesame Street Colorforms set, near complete. Last copyright date on the (slightly worn) box is 1977: Meccano French-language...
  10. C

    Garrett Saunders

    Having a bit of a skim through Street Gang, Michael Davis' description of Saunders' performance as Gordon struck me as... 'interesting'. While it's no secret that the character was not properly developed at that stage, and that Saunders didn't click in the role, I'm not entirely sure if I would...
  11. C

    Schleich figures, including rare variants, on eBay

    Hey, everyone. For those who may be interested, I've started listing my excess Schleich items (i.e. doubles) on eBay. There are some of the interesting variants (items on sockels, bootlegs, unpainted, rarer paint variants, etc) available. Check out my listings here. For some reason I can't...
  12. C

    The importance of dating Ernie

    It was another of those visits to the Salvation Army shop in which my spidey sense was tingling. Among the cluttered soft toy container was a piece of fabric that could only have been part of Ernie's trademark jumper/sweater. It wasn't going to be a rare collectible that would fund a trip to...
  13. C

    CherryPizza's humble PVC guide

    Hey all, For the last year (as various posts to this forum have indicated), I've set about collecting the Schleich Muppet Show and Muppet Babies PVCs in all their forms (standard figures, paint variants, bootlegs, mounted figures, and so the list continues). While the collection is still far...
  14. C

    Anyone have a theory?

    My Schleich-gathering mission continues to thrive. A new bulk lot of items arrived in the mail today, and this one has me scratching my head: One look at that red collar and you, like me, would probably conclude that it must be a bootleg. Alas, look at the bottom of the figure, and...
  15. C

    Copyright details on Schleich figures

    Hey all, I realise it's a long shot that anyone will be able to answer this, but... As my previous posts have indicated, I've spent the last 6 months collecting variations on the Schleich Muppet Show and Muppet Babies PVC figures. Now that I have over 130 of the little buggers, I've started...
  16. C

    The question plaguing us all

  17. C

    Does Piggy have her priorities straight?

    This is one for the "It always bugs me, but I've never bothered to express it" file: I'm gonna climb the matterhorn But only AFTER all our children are born Cause I want to be a good mommy, too And I'm gonna always love you How exactly does waiting until after children are born make you a good...
  18. C

    Your Muppet holy grail

    What's the one elusive Muppet item that you so desperately seek, that you know will take your collection to that special new level?
  19. C

    Starting new threads with Firefox

    Hey, Anyone know why, when I try to create a thread with Firefox, there is no field for typing in the thread contents? All I get is the field to write the thread's title and the options for posting a poll. I had to resort to the web dinosaur that is Internet Explorer to make this post.
  20. C

    Campaigning for the Muppets to host the Oscars

    If you don't think hot topics on Facebook and Twitter are headlines, you haven't paid attention to the way the information world is heading :) Anyway, in the wake of Eddie Murphy dropping out of hosting the Oscars, a lot of comments have been made about the Muppets hosting the show. To join in...