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Search results

  1. BorkBork

    It's been a while

    Hi, Some of you may remember me. It's been a while since i was last here. I have been going through some big events. When i was last here i was struggling in the music business. I was barely making it. I have been working with music for 24 years. In 2008 me and 2 colleagues of mine made it...
  2. BorkBork

    Anything to see in NY

    Hi friends, Long time no see. Just a quick question. I am in new york city until tomorrow afternoon. Is there anything Henson-idh for me to see here? Thankful for any reply. :excited:
  3. BorkBork

    Pattern software

    Hi Guys, I haven't been here for long. Been buzy with my music-career wich has taken off with a blast these past 6 months. Anyway, just found thi. I don't know if it's been posted before, havent search. It looks like it could be usefull for patterning! Check it out here Merry X-mass all!
  4. BorkBork

    My site will soon be under construction. Here's a treat.

    Hi Guys. It's been ages since i've been here, it feels like. Anyway, i've registered swedishpuppets.com and have every intention to build a website. in the meanwhile i'm going to have this message playing there. Click... It's my first go att puppeteering on video, so bear with me haha...
  5. BorkBork

    My fiancee left me

    This week has not been a trip to the amuzementpark for me. I feel the need to get some things out of my head and i hope you people understand. Those of you that can't handle depressed people, look away now. Me and my fiancee has had it a bit turbulent lately. After we'd been to her parents...
  6. BorkBork


    Ok, i'm stuck. I've never been good at making torsos, and i could really need some help. I know i could easily do a wedge thing, or a tube body, but that is a bit boring. I was thinking of torsos like these: Click Click I had an idea about doing a wireframe with small gauge wire, and tracing...
  7. BorkBork

    I am going to start selling on ebay.

    To start bringing in some extra money for the rent, i am going to start selling some puppets on Ebay. I was wondering if some of you who frequently sell on ebay could tell me some things? How much do a puppet generally sell for. What methods of payment are recomended? Any tips and pointers...
  8. BorkBork

    Avenue Q Sweden puppet workshop

    Let me, as a proud swede, introduce the puppet workshop that made the puppets for Avenue Q Sweden. If you click here You will be taken to their video gallery. One of the clips show the making of the avenue q puppets.These people are really talented. Have a look :D PS: there are also some other...
  9. BorkBork


    Anyone have any idea on how to pattern fleece-eyelids to go over the eyes, behind the furry eyebrowse on blinking eyes?
  10. BorkBork


    Anyone have any idea on how to pattern fleece-eyelids to go over the blinking eyes, behind the furry eyebrowse?
  11. BorkBork

    Janice lives!

  12. BorkBork

    Scott Foam - White vs Black

    I've found that the black half inch reticulated foam (mostly used for filters and speaker protection) is far cheaper than the white one. I get them for about $5 a pair. And they are pretty big sheets (not sure on exact measures). Is there any disadvantages from using the black kind or is it the...
  13. BorkBork

    Statler & Waldorf punchlines

    Just found a bunch of statler & waldorf punchlines: Click here to see it. Enjoy
  14. BorkBork

    Random Puppet-Building Tips

    I thought this could be a fun and usefull topic. You could post tips and words of wisdom that you've learned during puppetry-work. I'll go first with a totally random tip:
  15. BorkBork

    Here's Harry!

    Hi folks. I've been buzy lately (as usual) but found some time to do some puppet-making. I'm just about to finish my green monster Harry. There is enough of him put together to show. However, i'm thinking of adding horns. What do you think? Horns or not? I'll also start some other puppets this...
  16. BorkBork

    James Blunt on Sesame Street

    James Blunt :)
  17. BorkBork

    The All New Sesame Street

    This is funny. :crazy:
  18. BorkBork

    Looks like he's having a good time

    Click:) :crazy:
  19. BorkBork

    Urgent! Need photo of furr!

    I am constructing a cd-cover, as i am working in the music business. I don't have any furr at home, so i can't fix this myself. Therefor i need help from anyone who can. I need a high resolution foto of furr. Any color will do exept black. The furr should cover the whole picture. Can anyone...
  20. BorkBork

    Me and my niece had some fun with puppets

    My niece was here today. She's 15 years old and wanted to know about puppetbuilding. Great, i said, let's build one. So she and i started to build one each from the glorified sockpuppet-pattern. Here's some photos from today. The puppets are'nt finished yet but there's a few "in the...