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Search results

  1. kbug67

    Muppety Christmas Music

    I am looking for the following albums in mp3 or cd format and if possible before Christmas Sesame Street Christmas Sing-Along A Seasme Street Christmas Merry Christmas from Sesame Street John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together A Green and Red Christmas Elmo Saves Christmas: Holiday...
  2. kbug67

    Muppets Party Cruise for Gamecube

    URGENT: Muppets Party Cruise for Gamecube Im looking for a copy of Muppets Party Cruise for Gamecube That is able to play on a UK Gamecube or Wii I dont mind if this copy is used though it needs to be playable and in good condition. I only have a maximum of £10.00 to spend on this though i...
  3. kbug67

    Anyone Intrested: UK Muppet Movie Showing in Bradford

    Hi! Im currently organising a showing of The Muppet Movie at The National Media Museum in Bradford (North West of Yorkshire U.K) There website is: http://www.nationalmediamuseum.org.uk/ They currently don't know if they will do it as they have organised showings of Movies like the Wizard of...
  4. kbug67

    Fraggle Rock UK

    Does anybody have any of the Fraggle Rock UK Episodes? If any body has any episodes on any format could you please send me a PM and im willing to do a trade. To see what i have available for trade please visit my site: http://www.trades.bravehost.com/ From Karl Birrane!
  5. kbug67

    WANTED: Audrey II

    Hello Chums! I am going to be doing a stage preformance of The Little Shop of Horrors in January 2008. In past productions we have rented out Audrey II's from different drama groups and as this preformance has now begun to be a annual preformance we have decided to invest in our very own plant...
  6. kbug67

    Ghost of Faffner Hall DVD

    Whilst looking on the net i found this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jim-Hensons-Ghost-Faffner-Hall/dp/B0007KVE6M/ref=sr_1_12/203-3666830-5783955?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1183285742&sr=1-12 I dont know if its true or what as it has a release date of January 1, 2020.
  7. kbug67

    Frank Oz - Radio Interview

    Frank OZ Did an interview about his new movie on The Bob Rivers Show It is a decent interview that lasts about 14mins You can listen to the Frank Oz interview on http://www.bobrivers.com/audiovault/showclips/clipsbydate.asp (it is the 11th Link down) Or you can listen to the whole show here...
  8. kbug67

    Wanted: Secrets of the Muppets

    Does anybody have a copy of the Jim Henson Hour episode called Secrets of the Muppets on VHS or DVD? For more information about the episode visit: http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Episode_110:_Secrets_of_the_Muppets Please Help!
  9. kbug67

    Saying Goodbye Midi / Instrumental

    Does anybody have a midi file or an instrumental version of Saying Goodbye from Muppet's Take Manhattan All i have is the Guitar Tab and i cannot play guitar so thats kinda useless to me
  10. kbug67

    Sesame Street in the UK?

    Is there any Channels in the UK That shows Sesame Street. I know that Channel 4 did but that was until 2000 when it was replaced by the Hoobs :cry: All we get in the uk is those elmo toys and merchendise but NO SHOW OR DVDS :( Please HELP!
  11. kbug67

    *WANTED* Muppet Show Episodes on VHS / DVD

    Im wanting the following episodes as soon as possible. Episode 308: Loretta Lynn Episode 317: Spike Milligan Episode 417: Star Wars and Episode 514: Mac Davis If anybody could help me and provide a copy of the following episodes on VHS or DVD. If they have the U.K Spots that would be an...
  12. kbug67

    Muppet Show Live on YouTube

    Here's the Muppet Show live from the MuppetFest 2001 on Youtube PART 1: http://youtube.com/watch?v=O05el9L5rNo PART 2: http://youtube.com/watch?v=fDhK578P_64 PART 3: http://youtube.com/watch?v=dpCvqnq6E5E PART 4: http://youtube.com/watch?v=IQtZlpsA9L4 PART 5...
  13. kbug67

    Kermit: Prince Of Denmark

    Does anybody have mp3, cd or tape versions of these demo songs written by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez (the guys who did avenue q) More infomation about the songs below: http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Kermit%2C_Prince_of_Denmark I know there is a copy of the songs floating around as i used to...
  14. kbug67

    Great Santa Claus Switch Film Copy or good video

    Im looking for a film copy or a good dvd or tape of The Great Santa Claus Switch. If you have a good version or know somebody who has please could you contact me via email and attach a couple of screen shots. I need this as soon as possible as it is for something important!!!
  15. kbug67

    Tips for Puppet Feature Film

    We are Currently writing a feature film for a series of puppet characters. Im looking for your advice for what you people at MC would like and also i need some advice for what sourt of things a distracting in a puppet film. Please help as your advice will help us in the status of our film
  16. kbug67

    Tips for Puppet Feature Film

    We are Currently writing a feature film for a series of puppet characters. Im looking for your advice for what you people at MC would like and also i need some advice for what sourt of things a distracting in a puppet film. Please help as your advice will help us in the status of our film
  17. kbug67

    I NEED THE FILMS "A Fistful of Fingers" URGENTLY!!!!!!!!

    NOTE: THIS IS A TAPE TRADE BUT ITS NON MUPPET SO I PUT IT IN GENERAL. SO PLEASE DONT COMPLAIN Does anybody here have a copy of A Fistful of Fingers Directed by Edgar Wright (same guy who did shaun of the dead) FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE FILM http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0131396/ i...
  18. kbug67

    Just One Person

    I was wondering who preforms Kermit on the Just One Person tribute to Jim Henson. It doesnt sound like Steve because it is much closer to Jim's kermit though at the end it starts to sound a little more like Ernie than Kermit watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLnyK7DG0CA
  19. kbug67


    Does anybody have any of the MuppeToons from the old Muppet world website For more information visit http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/MuppeToons
  20. kbug67


    MuppeToons (READ OTHER THREAD) Im having problems with my pc and it keeps double posting stuff, please go to the other "MuppeToons" thread