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Search results

  1. Rowlfy

    Good place to get foam?

    The only place I was able to find puppet making foam was: here: http://www.hobbywarehouse.com/Du-Bro-514-1-2-R-C-Protective-Foam-Rubber which I'm not sure if it's suitable for puppet making, I doubt. If someone could recommend a good store or n online store, that would be GREAT! Thank you so...
  2. Rowlfy

    "Sheepdog" Fur

    Hi, I have some characters who are sheepdogs or who have shaggy fur. Does anybody know where I can get shaggy "fur" fabric? (I'm looking for a cream colored fur and a very dark brown, specifically). Thanks! Rowlfy, from the Gone to the Dogs crew.
  3. Rowlfy

    Arm Rods?

    Does anybody have a link for good arm rods for sale? http://www.thepuppetstore.com/product_p/rod.htm <----these are....decent and not expensive but I am looking for ones I can build inside the puppet. Thanks! Rowlfy From the Gone to the Dogs Crew
  4. Rowlfy

    Sprocket items available?

    Does any have any Sprocket items for sale? Plushies or ANYTHING. Let me know, thanks!
  5. Rowlfy

    WANTED: Rowlf Palisades

    I would really be interested in purchasing a Rowlf Palisades figure. But,no more than $30ish dollars. I might do $40. Thanks!
  6. Rowlfy

    Dog Puppet Nose?

    Hi, I am starting a puppet show and I am currently building puppets. It's and all dog puppet show called Gone to the Dogs. Any ideas for a nose?
  7. Rowlfy

    Sesame Street Pilot?

    Does anyone know where I can find a video clip of the Original Sesame Street Pilot? All I know is that Rowlf and Kermit are there trying to come up with a name for the kids show.
  8. Rowlfy

    Your Muppets Collection

    This is just a thread to show off your muppets collection. Please forgive me if this is a previous topic I will try to upload pictures but here is my collection: 1989 Rowlf Plush 1980's Baby Rowlf with Red Overalls plush 2000's Talking Kermit Plush by Applause Muppet Show seasons 1-3 Muppet...
  9. Rowlfy


    Hi, I am a HUGE Rowlf fan (you can probably tell by my user name) and I was hoping if someone had any Rowlf plush or puppets for sale. I might purchase home made Rowlfs but I'm not looking for anything too expensive, probably no more than $30-$40 but if you see an Ideal Rowlf above that price in...
  10. Rowlfy

    Dog City Merchandise?

    Was there ever Dog City merchandise? Like plush or apparel?
  11. Rowlfy

    Make a New Custom Password Or Account Deletion?

    I once lost my original password so I requested help to change my password. It worked but its rally hard to memorize a big jumble of words and letters. Is it possible to change your password and choose what you want it to be? Or is it possible I can delete my account and create a new one under...
  12. Rowlfy

    How to make a full-costume (full body) puppet?

    I've tried searching around....found nothing. It would be great to hear from someone who has made one before. Instructions prefered. Thanks!