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Search results

  1. Cookie3001

    Ideal Big Bird Storymagic

    This toy is extremely underrated and definitely deserves a thread here. I never owned one and am hoping to find one sometime this year. If anyone else owns one or has any thoughts on the toy please post here
  2. Cookie3001

    Banned Little Mermaid VHS for sale on eBay

    For anyone who is interested I just listed my copy of the banned Little Mermaid VHS on eBay https://www.ebay.ca/itm/362904535965
  3. Cookie3001

    The Wacky Adventures of Ernie and Bert

    So I'm working on this new Sesame Street fan fiction show about Bert and Ernie going on wild adventures (not to be confused with the other show) so on this thread you can write episodes for my show. Just write about any wild adventures you want to see the Sesame Street residents going on
  4. Cookie3001

    Applause Sesame Street plushies

    This line is probably my favorite Sesame Street plush line, I only have about 4 from the set but since there isn't already a thread for this I wanted to start one.
  5. Cookie3001

    Vintage Sesame Street puppets

    Another toy category we needed a thread about. The vintage Sesame Street puppets made by Topper, Educational Toys, Questor and other companies are probably my favorite out of all Sesame Street toys. So if you also have any thoughts about these toys you know the drill, just post here.
  6. Cookie3001

    Gund Sesame Street toy collection thread

    So I noticed that @DePingPong started a thread about Tyco Sesame Street toys so I decided to start one about Gund since I own a good amount of the gund toys. Gund Sesame Street toys were sort of what started my muppet collection which is why they are very important to me.
  7. Cookie3001

    Looking back at Welcome to Pooh Corner

    Defunctland just did a video on the history of the infamous puppet show "Welcome to Pooh Corner". Check it out.
  8. Cookie3001

    Did anyone save The Muppets at Walt Disney World?

    I know that in the past there have been one or more copies of The Muppet at Walt Disney World but they were removed so did anyone save or have another copy? because I really need to see this special again.
  9. Cookie3001

    Sally Lamb puppet for sale on eBay

    Just put this Puppet up for sale on eBay Sally Lamb handmade hand puppet for entertainment and play use | eBay Just reply if you are interested
  10. Cookie3001

    Sally Lamb puppet for sale on eBay

    Just put this Puppet up for sale on eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/e12000.m43.l6300/7?euid=32541e1a28394dd4a0a17e81695a04b6&bu=44779853922&loc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.ca%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F362739631467&sojTags=bu=bu Just reply if you are interested
  11. Cookie3001

    50 retired Sesame Street Muppets

    This video (the first in a series of videos) came to YouTube a few days ago. The video was made the celebrate Sesame Streets 50th and it's a really neat video and I recommend that you check it out. I enjoyed the video. I thought when I clicked on it there would just be the usual retired...
  12. Cookie3001

    Cookie3001's Disney puppets

    Another one of my obsessions is the magical world of Walt Disney. because of this I started making some Disney puppets that I will show off on this thread.
  13. Cookie3001

    My non Henson puppet replicas

    You have probably seen my Muppet replicas before bu on this thread I'll show replicas I made of non Henson puppet characters. If you have any requests of which puppets I should make please let me know.
  14. Cookie3001

    Who wants a job on Safari Mall?

    So I haven't mentioned this before but I have a children's show I do for yt called Safari Mall. Now it may seem like it at first but I promise this isn't a Sesame Street ripoff it's called Safari Mall and it's sort of like a Canadian co-production of Sesame Street, we have our own bird and...
  15. Cookie3001

    What if we all collaborated on a video project?

    After some talking on Muppet Central Discord me and @Bliffenstimmers thought "what if we could all collaborate on a video for muppet central". We could do a movie or film or if we don't want to end the project anytime soon we can make a series. If any of you want to join in on this project then...
  16. Cookie3001

    Sid and Marty Krofft fandom

    Hey guys, I have always been a fan of the puppet work from the weird but interesting world of Sid and Marty Krofft. Are there any other Krofft fans here?
  17. Cookie3001

    How do I join a community on Muppet Central Discord?

    So I want to join a community on Muppet Central Discord but don't know how. Can I get some help?
  18. Cookie3001

    What was your weirdest puppeteering experience?

    I know I'm not the only puppeteer on this site, there is also @Amish Guy, @D'Snowth, @Doctimelash and many more. I'm sure we have all had weird or interesting experiences (I have many) so on this thread we can talk about them
  19. Cookie3001

    Animation and film needed

    I have mentioned my work with puppets I don't know how many times but I have never mentioned my Sesame Street inspired show "Safari Mall". It's kinda like a Canadian co production of Sesame Street. I have just about everything I need to continue the show's 2nd season but we need animation and...
  20. Cookie3001

    Where can I get an instrumental version of Put Down the Duckie?

    So I have been searching on and off for several instrumental versions of classic Sesame Street songs but one that I can't find is Put Down the Duckie :stick_out_tongue:. So if anybody can make or tell me where to find an instrumental version of this song please reply to this thread