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    I was in a branch of Flying Tiger (somewhere around London) today and noticed they were selling something that appeared to be Stroopwaffles - only they didn't actually call them that. - Gosh how it reminded me of you guys. Many years ago a bunch of European Muppet fans seemed to spend quite a...
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    Your Thoughts: Muppet Central's 26th Birthday

    1) I'm not sure, because so many people seem to want different things from them. 2) Again not sure. Only to say Sesame street has always developed and reinvented itself and it has to do so to remain relevant. But for the fans, I'd hope the make their classic clips and songs available on their...
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    You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if...

    Absolutely this, and it happens to be true.
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    Favorite character for each puppeteer

    Jim Henson - Kermit Frank Oz - Cookie Monster Jerry Nelson - Herry Monster Richard Hunt - Scooter Dave Goelz - not sure between Beauregard or Gonzo Louise Gold - Funella Furchester Steve Whitmire - Will have to pick Rizzo (since I've already chosen Kermit for Jim)
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    Dark Crystal's Blue Peter Appearance

    Dark Crystal's appearance on Blue Peter was 40 years ago today. I actually very vaguely remember watching this at the time. - I think I was a bit too young to really understand what it was all about. I just remember these people were doing strange things with their arms at about head height. I...
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    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    On Saturday evening I was listining to 'Getting Married Today' (as sung by Julia McKenzie, David Kernan and above of Millicent Martin), 'The Sotry of Lucy and Jessie sung by Alexis Smith, and 'The blob' and ''Goodthing Going' both sung by Louise Gold
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    A Quilt Inspired By.....

    I don’t usually do Fan Art. I very much admire those of you who have created your own fan art. I just don’t have much art talent myself. However, However, I do a bit of quilt making, and for once I’ve made something which I think could be included as such ….. About 5 or 6 years ago, I was...
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    Twenty Years Ago...,

    Twenty years ago (and it was in early January) I started my own little contribution to the world of Muppet-fan sites, by launching a fansite about my favourite Muppeteer, namely Louise Gold. And twenty years on the site is still here - Although about 5 years ago I had to move the site to a new...
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    Whose your favorite Muppeteer?

    My absolute favourite is Louise Gold. Mainly because of that wonderful big brassey singing voice of hers. The way she did 'I Get A Kick Out of U' and 'Anyone's Nose" for example on Sesame Street are just perfect.
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    Observer Newspaper Article About British Puppeteers

    Last Sunday, The Observer Newspaper's magazine section had an article about Puppeteers, UK ones. It happend to include The Muppets, mainly because Louise Gold happens to be one of the puppeteer's featured in the article. Just thought I'd mention it incase anyone happened to be interested.
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    Muppeteers that can SING!

    Yes, I saw her as Mazeppa in Gypsy. at the Savoy Theatre, and also at West End Live. She was Brilliant in it. I know she was Imelda Staunton's understudy and I'm sorry I didn't find out soon enough on the few performances that she was actually on to manage to get to see it. (a part I've wanted...
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    39 Years Since ....T

    This week it is 39 years since the Edgar Bergen episode of TMS. Which means it is 39 Years to the week (maybe even to the day) that The Muppets first British puppeteer officially worked for them (apart from her audition on the Rich Little episode). And despite a very on-off puppeteering career...
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    Muppeteers that can SING!

    My two absolute favourite Muppeteers are singers, Jerry Nelson and Louise Gold. - In fact, I became a Muppetfan originally because of my admiration for Louise Gold's singing abilities. I Get A Kick Out of U from Sesame Street: kind of sums up exactly the talent that first awed me (The...
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    The Furchester Hotel will be on Youtube November 14, 2014

    Since this seems to be the main thread for Furchester stuff, I notice that Andrew James Spooner posted a picture on his official FB page with the caption "Reunited at last", basically letting us all know that he and Louise Gold and Sarah Burgess are all doing their Furchester characters for the...
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    You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if...

    You encourage your kids to take their toy puppets of Sesame Street characters to nursery/pre-school for 'Letter of the week', ie to take Cookie Monster in when letter of the week happens to be C.
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    Louise Gold Nominated In BroadwayWorld West End Awards

    The veteran Muppet performer Louise Gold has two nominations in the Broadway World’s ‘West End Awards’: So if anyone is thinking about voting in these awards, you might want to consider voting for Louise. Gypsy The Musical (whose...
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    Louise Gold's Fansite

    Just wanted to let people know, that I've moved my fansite about Louise Gold to a new domain. It is now on: and I've done a few updates to it, most noteably: Pages about The Furchester Hotel, with a review of about half of it (I know that...
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    West End Live 2015 - Louise Gold was in it

    Just wanted to mention, that this weekend was 'West End Live' 2015, in Trafalgar Square. Apparently this year every show in London's West End was represented. And there was one appearance which might be of interest to Muppet fans. The musical Gypsy was represented by the song 'You Gotta Get A...
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    What non-Muppet Show Jim Henson characters could you see sing a version of "The Rainbow Connection"?

    It was a character with an Orange body and green hair
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    Favorite Muppet

    I used to have a lot of difficulties over picking an overall favourite Muppet Character. It's one of the problems of having a favourite performer who has done a lot of good characters but not much in the way of big star parts. But since last Autumn I have found a character who I can honestly...