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    Underrated Movies

    Please remember that opinions are just that-- opinions. Don't attack someone because they disagree with you. Discussion is great, attacks and name calling are not. If you can't keep your comments respectful, keep them to yourself. Some people love Disney. Some people hate Disney. Most...
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    Moderator Requests

    It's difficult to walk away and keep your thoughts to yourself when you feel you are being attacked, unfairly treated, etc. We get that. But this is not junior high. The mod staff is happy to step in when warranted-- inappropriate links, unprovoked attacks, etc. We will no longer act as hall...
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    Typo in Sesame Article- not for kids

    In an effort to keep this thread open so we can get a good laugh at the expense of some lousy copy editors, I've changed the title and deleted a post. While many will find the mistake amusing, the language is definitely outside the family-friendly MC rules. We need to remember the language is...
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    Looking for Jeremy

    Hi Denise, Welcome to the forum. This is the introduction thread, so why don't you introduce yourself? The people here are friendly and helpful but forum members may be more willing to help you if they know who you are, why you're here and perhaps why you are looking for Jeremy Maine...
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    Sesame Street Anounces Layoffs

    CNN has a story about it that includes pics of the MC forum. You can see it here (I hope); <> Beyond that-- what Jamie said. Products are produced by other companies who license the rights-- approval of new...
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    Rumor: Abby gets own segment

    You are welcome to disagree but be polite about it. Think before you post. Sheesh!
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    Ernie & Prairie Dawn

    And if anyone forgets that we're talking about puppets on a TV show for 2-6 year olds-- an age when children are NOT into dating-- they owe me 5 lbs. of chocolate chip cookies. I'm only sharing if I feel particularly generous that day. Besides, no one will ever come before Rubber Duckie for...
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    President Obama!

    Liebermann left the Democratic party and is now an Independent. He caucuses with the Democrats. So, officially Lierbermann is an independent who sides with the Dems most of the time. Yet not only did he not support the Democratic nominee for the highest office in the land, he was the...
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    President Obama!

    I've got to disagree with you. Congress put some goals and restriction in place for Fannie and Freddie that encouraged them to increase home ownership-- in response to years or pressure. Because Fannie and Freddie wanted to do that you could, I suppose make an argument that Congress aided and...
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    President Obama!

    Obama has turned to a lot of experienced democrats for the transition. Clinton dems are about the only ones with executive office experience-- Carter's administration was rather famously ineffective, not to mention just plain being old at this point. But Obama appears to have learned an...
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    President Obama!

    Hillary is well liked in the senate-- her confirmation would likely not be difficult at all. Obama's vetting process is looking to be more thorough than what Congress does so if she makes it through that, it ought to be fine. But I'm not sure Bill's post-presidency dealings will make it...
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    President Obama!

    Um, Teheheman, was your post in jest? Yes, Obama campaigned on a promise of change (as did McCain). He promised change in Washington. That change can't begin until January 20th. Obama has no more power today than he had in October. Right now he's a senator from Illinois. But some...
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    President Obama!

    This has to be a political issue all of us at MC can agree on. There's only one First Dog for this nation: :sympathy:
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    President Obama!

    Just a quick note. There are many ways to approach the abortion issue and many ways to think about it. Please remember no one way of thinking about it is the right way-- there is the right way for each of us as individuals and it is up to us to find it for ourselves. It's up to the government...
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    President Obama!

    I'd like to thank Yva Minstrel and Heralde for sharing their views on an extremely controversial issue in a respectful way. They both used I statements and made it clear they were addressing their own views and sharing their own opinions. They shared some of the reasoning behind their views...
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    President Obama!

    Biden has been in the senate since 1972. He is generally well liked by Democrats and Republicans. About 15 years ago I was working for a PAC in DC and attended Biden's hearings on the Violence Against Women Act and he managed those smoothly. He's known for his foreign policy expertise and...
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    President Obama!

    It was legal in California. Abridged version of gay marriage in California in the recent past: San Francisco mayor started issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. Big uproar. Anti-gay marriage initiative went on the ballot (I may have the chronology off here as my own state was having its...
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    President Obama!

    The previous post was my moderator post. This is my personal opinion post. I'm extremely disappointed that Prop 8 is passing. This is more significant than the other two state constitutional amendments that banned gay marriage last night because this reverses California state policy on...
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    President Obama!

    Okay folks, listen up: I have undeleted a pile of posts. I did this on my own. It is my opinion that we can have a mature and respectful discussion on current events. We will disagree. Many of us feel passionately about our views for very significant and personal reasons. I expect EVERYONE...