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  1. jobi71

    Phyllis Diller TMS

    Gonzo, Zoot and Nigel along with 3 male and 3 female whatnots. One of the female whatnots is a redressed "Animal's Dancing Partner" (the redhead with the pink sweater) and another female is the 4th chorus girl in the opening (with Piggy, Janice, Trumpet Girl). The other four were random.
  2. jobi71

    Muppet Show skit on Saturday Night Live on May 15, 2021

    Yes, a real show. It's very popular so maybe folks were laughing with recognition of the show? Maybe while the clip of the show was running on TV the studio audience saw Kermit and Melissa and/or the balcony set and laughed at that? I've been at some dress rehearsals for SNL and...
  3. jobi71

    Custom figures and dioramas

    Sounds like a fun project.
  4. jobi71

    Muppet Show skit on Saturday Night Live on May 15, 2021

    I wondered about the orange hair reference. At the time thinking Animal? But I think you're right with Beaker. Beaker doesn't create explosions a la Harry but he is an agent of chaos. And it may not have been the best way to invoke the character I bet a number of viewers made the leap. Lily...
  5. jobi71

    Custom figures and dioramas

    I think Blue Frackle has the best option of Bunsen. On the plus side: eye glasses, both are live hand characters so the silhouette is similar, his lab coat could be repainted to match her frock somewhat. Minuses: his head shape is much rounder, his nose vs her lack of one and his baldness vs...
  6. jobi71

    Muppets Haunted Mansion special coming to Disney+ on Friday October 8, 2021

    I am cautiously optimistic about this project. The Muppets do well in holiday based stories. I think Gonzo is a good choice as the lead. It is true that he likes odd and unusual things, but he was scared with Fozzie in Vincent Price's haunted house sketch. He was also very interested in...
  7. jobi71

    Who are these Muppets?

    I is Irving Bizarre. He was Fozzie's agent and appeared in Ep. 122 (Ethel Merman). Q is Quongo. He is a gorilla who first appeared in Ep 219 (Peter Sellers). He has sung a few songs on The Muppet Show and has popped up in the background here and there. The wiki says he was in Muppets Most...
  8. jobi71

    If You Could Bring Back One Lost Character...

    Like a lot of people who posted I have a few choices. With my avatar as a clue I would like to see Zelda Rose come back. Used as she was in the show primarily a chorus character but featured in some bits here and there such as The Blue Danube/Library scene or Who? My second choice would be...
  9. jobi71

    Henson & Brooks

    He would have been. Whenever there is a thread here or elsewhere on Guest Stars that could have been... He is always my number one choice. He did do some work on Sesame Street, so I wouldn't think he had an aversion to working with The Muppets. Looking at his IMDB page it seems that after...
  10. jobi71

    Henson & Brooks

    I think there are too many intersections of talent between the two men for it to be strictly coincidence. Brooks' frequent co-stars who were featured on either The Muppet Show or The Muppet Movie Dom DeLuise, Cloris Leachman, Madeline Kahn (all in both); Carol Kane (movie) Richard Pryor (movie...
  11. jobi71

    Chris Langham Muppet Show episode missing on Disney+

    The issue with the rights for the music in the Brooke Shields episode could conceivably be resolved, and then the episode could be added to Disney +. I don't think they're expending any effort for the Langham one. It would be nice if the whale Friendship number could be extracted and paired...
  12. jobi71

    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    Bruce Kirby also passed away this week. He was 96 I believe. He was not a guest on the Muppet Show, but he was a featured player in The Muppet Movie. He played the Security Guard at World Wide Pictures at the start of the film. He was one of those actors with a familiar face but not a...
  13. jobi71

    Ways to Get More Muppets on Disney+

    This to me this is a no brainer. I know the dvds are held up by tons of rights issues with episodes etc. So, let's focus on what we can do. Disney owns - Disney (duh), Star Wars and the Muppets. Why not put out a deluxe issue of this episode. Granted it would involve paying for the opening...
  14. jobi71

    Just got custom Gorgon Heap!

    I received my Luncheon Counter Monster Monday. It looks great. Very pleased. As of Monday the seller had a few figures of Thog and Gorgon Heap available. If you are looking for something nice for a Christmas gift - for outher or for yourself - check the seller out on ebay. I mentioned their...
  15. jobi71

    People who we would've loved to see on TMS

    This kind of question (which is a fun one) can lead to lists with dozens and more names on them. I am going to limit my choices with some self imposed parameters. If there was a "Lost episode" somewhere in Lord Grade's vault I would hope the guest star would be Gene Wilder. He was active and...
  16. jobi71

    Who appeared in Lesley Ann Warren's Closing Number

    From what I can see the other characters in the sketch (and I use my own names/descriptions for some of the what nots, but I think one can figure out who I mean). The Pig Bartender (who does not dance). At the bar pre-dance: The Camisole Chorus Girl (from Statler and Waldorf's Vaudeville Show...
  17. jobi71

    RIP Muppet Show Guests

    It's to be expected but it is still jarring. I was young when The Muppet Show first aired, so I have known these celebrities for 40+ years. I have grown accustomed to learning artists from my youth have passed away. For the younger posters today I can see how it can be upsetting in a...
  18. jobi71

    Favorite muppet build?

    I wasn't a fan of the perm. It was a popular style at the time, so it makes sense that it was employed, but I like her with longer hair. Looking at some photos from the wiki I would say the builds I prefer are the Season 3 and The Muppet Movie. Partly because if I close my eyes and conjure an...
  19. jobi71

    Melinda Dillon

    I have seen this claim before, and your post prompted me to search a little bit. There is a website that compiles actors' credits and tries to include a screen shot. I do not know if this is a reliable source or if the submissions come from users. On Melinda Dillon's page...
  20. jobi71

    Just got custom Gorgon Heap!

    An update - sculptingdesigners on ebay has listed custom Luncheon Counter Monster and Thog. I believe five of each character are for sale.