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Search results

  1. Joggy

    Puppet Earth

    Boy, it's been a while! Hi guys, how is everybody doing? I'm back here with a fun project I'd like to share with you. I've been working with a great troupe of filmmakers. We've been exploring some strange foreign lands to shoot the first in a series of nature documentaries entitled Puppet...
  2. Joggy

    Dutch I Love Muppets featuring Dutch Muppet Fans!

    Good news for the Dutch! Tuesday Nov 18th, at 10PM, the Dutch version of the BBC Muppet Show celebration "I Love Muppets" will be broadcast on Net 5! Besides interviews taken from the original BBC version (featuring the Muppets, Muppet Show puppeteers and guest stars), Dutch celebrities will...
  3. Joggy

    Three Yurpean Muppet Freaks Take London

    It's amazing that it's been two weeks since Thijs, BlueFrackle and I had our own little two day "picnic" and I haven't even written the report yet! Oh well, here goes. When I met my fellow Dutch Muppet fan Thijs for the first time, he mentioned that he really wanted to meet BlueFrackle, with whom he...
  4. Joggy

    Muppet Labs - Jim Henson resale

    A column bij Maarten Schinkel from a Dutch newspaper, as translated by me. ----------------------- WELCOME TO MUPPET LABS… … where the future is being made today. My name is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, and today I will show you my latest invention: the capital boiler. But first I shall...
  5. Joggy

    Happy Birfday, B'ron!

    HAPPY BIRFDAY BYRON muh buddeeeee!!!! I may not be nekkid and hairy and tall and in Kentucky, but I am the FIRST!!! MUAHAHA! Now where's your cake?!
  6. Joggy

    Just another one of those annoying goodbyes.

    Nobody's reading this junk anyway. Well, I'm goin on vacation to New York for a week, and since I'm hardly active anymore on here most of you won't notice... but what the hey. :D Anyway, I'll see ya when I get back at the online - and for a couple of lucky people, SEE YA THERE!!! :)
  7. Joggy

    Several Things I Hate About TV

    - The capitalist who came up with the idea of creating Telsell. - The Dutch capitalist who decided to bring TelSell to Holland. - The Dutch capitalist who decided that, unlike what is said in the TV guide and on the website, TelSell will take place of about 3 hours of their regular...
  8. Joggy

    Happy Birthday Hans!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY FIRST EVER MUPPET BUDDIEEEES!!! :D Hope you get LOTS and LOTS of Beatles, drums, Muppets, and chairs (in case Mar steals one)!
  9. Joggy

    MC Leaders in Holland??!

    The strangest thing happened to me today... I was walking home from the railroad station, which isn't really a long walk, when a man approached me. I had the feeling I had seen that man somewhere before... And then a woman joined him. I nodded my head and said hi, and they said hi back. Then...
  10. Joggy

    Happy Birthday BlueFrackle!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BlueFrackle BUDDY! I'm chatting with you right now but just wanna wish ya a GREAT day! You're adult now... :D
  11. Joggy

    Criticism on Muppet likenesses?

    Anyone here ever had criticism on your self-made puppets because they are too Muppet-like? AAARGH!!! I have this sketchbook in which I make doodles of characters I want to build, and characters that are already built. These are a few examples of things I hear from my classmates who are NOT a...
  12. Joggy

    Rowlf Contest?

    "Entries will be posted in our "Ode to Rowlf" contest later this week." Until yesterday, it said they would be posted today? Why's the delay? Just wonderin'...
  13. Joggy

    Fraggle Rock Animated Series Episodes

    Can anybody give me a list of titles for the complete Fraggle Rock Animated Series? It used to be on henson.com, but I can't get on there anymore without updating my Flash and I don't feel like that right now.
  14. Joggy

    Joggy's Puppetry Adventure - Part One

    A few of you might remember how I needed your positive thoughts, prayers etc. for a musical I wanted to puppeteer in. If not, well, there's this musical and I want to puppeteer in it. You didn't miss anything. Anyway, what happened with that? Well I hadn't gotten a reply for a long time. I...
  15. Joggy

    Remembering 9/11

    Let me be the first non-American to say on this "anniversary", my sympathy to what happened a year ago. May such horrid things never happen again. Best wishes to everyone who has to live with fear and sadness over the loss of friends and family. This is the song that makes me think of...
  16. Joggy

    Who performed Mo Frackle in Family Feud!

    Hey all! Just wondering after watching the five episodes of Family Feud the Muppets were in... Who performed Mo Frackle? My guess is Bruce Lanoil or Allan Trautman or another one of those Muppeteers of whom I have no idea what other characters they perform... And was that John Henson...
  17. Joggy

    Joggy's Puppetry Adventure - Prequel

    Guys, I need you to wish me luck because I have a chance of making one of my biggest dreams coming true. When I was in high school I used to work in plays and school musicals with this woman named Marijke Kots who was an acting coach. She was also a puppeteer. I remember seeing one of her...
  18. Joggy

    Joggy's 300th Post

    Hey all! This is my 300th post! The Dutch Guy's gonna take over the senior board! Muahaha. :D
  19. Joggy

    Favorite Muffin songs

    What's your favorite Muffin songs? My absolute favorite is: THE MUFFIN CONNECTION Why are there so many songs about Muffins And what's on the other side Muffins are visions, but only illusions And Muffins have nothing to hide So we've been told and some choose to believe it I...
  20. Joggy

    Weezer video hits The Netherlands

    Weezer's in Holland, folks! I recently caught the end of the clip on MTV (right after I watched Muppet Classic Theatre, maaaaaan was I angry). It's also a clip choice on The Box channel, so this evening I decided to call them and give them the clip code. Maaaan was I happy to be able to tape it...