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  1. WemblinKate

    Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock Season 1

    I don't want to spoil anything, but they have Karen and Dave talk about their characters and how beautiful the song was. Apparently when they were filming the scene, there were some people tearing up. They intermingle it with clips from the episode. It's really cool.
  2. WemblinKate

    Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock Season 1

    I pre-ordered it online. I think you had to buy it from the actual store to get the CD-ROM. Really annoying, and stupid on their part.
  3. WemblinKate

    Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock Season 1

    I was in a very grumpy mood yesterday when I came home to my Box Set on my kitchen table. Needless to say, my grumpiness dissipated and I was one happy Fraggle Fan. I jumped up and down for a while, screamed & squeaked a bit, then proceeded to watch all of the interviews and some episodes. It...
  4. WemblinKate

    Columbia Tri-Star has Fraggle Rock on DVD, rumor or not?

    Am I the only one who has found this and is really curious as to what it means? I was wandering through my old Fraggle Favorite Sites and at the Unofficial Fraggle Rock website there was recent news of Fraggle DVD that I yet to hear from any of my reliable sources, like here and the Fraggle DVD...
  5. WemblinKate

    Where do Fraggles come from?

    Been awhile right? Yeah, I know, it's been hard keeping up here with getting stuff ready for college applications. I guess getting sick with mono was the the universe telling me in an odd way to come back. You see, in being sick I've been home all day sleeping and watching my Fraggle Rock...
  6. WemblinKate

    The Festival of the Bells is Upon Us

    Oh really, what site? Because I believe I've checked all the Fraggle Sites recently to see if anyone had said anything. At least, the sites I know about. -Wemblin' Kate
  7. WemblinKate

    The Festival of the Bells is Upon Us

    So it seems like forever since I've posted, but trust me, with school, honors classes, being in 2 shows, speech team, and jazz choir, I'm lucky I'm still alive right now. Anyways, The Festival of the Bells is coming up, it's Saturday actually, and as tradition since I believe Muppet Central...
  8. WemblinKate

    Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

    First of all, loved it. The whole tricks on christmas classic movie bits, adding the comment about us, moulin rouge parody, it was great. I was laughing the entire time. But I have to say this, the new character, Harold I believe is his name, he's the choreographer for the Muppet Christmas show...
  9. WemblinKate

    Should I or should I not? Please Respond!

    First of all, I posted this as a different title and nobody freakin' responded. And for most threads I wouldn't mind, but this one I need an opinion on, especially from here. Ok, my high school's musical this winter is Cabaret and I need to decide whether or not I should audition. Here's a big...
  10. WemblinKate

    Question on MuppetFest for 2003

    Wow, I haven't been able to check up on things here for so long! Alright, well, I know I'm posting this in the wrong section and nobody really has any gossip or info on MuppetFest because, well, it would be here already. I know that the first 2 weekends of March are up in the air, but I also...
  11. WemblinKate

    Who's your favorite Fraggle?

    I'll have to agree with TidusEstar when it comes to the whole Cantus thing, I mean come on guys, he is so a fraggle! Just because he's a Minstrel doesn't mean he's not a Fraggle, I mean Mokey was almost a Minstrel and I think we all agree that she is a Fraggle. Cantus is just very wise and...
  12. WemblinKate

    Fraggle Rock desktop theme

    Hey, I've got a bunch of unused screen captures from FR episodes on my computer. If you need anything just email me with a description and I'll see if I've got it. I'm kind of illiterate however when it comes to sending stuff to others so you might need to coach me in how to send you stuff, but...
  13. WemblinKate

    Where have all the Fraggle Sites gone?

    Re: I found my site! Oh, that's so cool! Ah, we love you Jill. Someday, someday you will find a host, you've just got to. For all things Fragglish! Sorry, getting a little out of hand, it's just there's so much potential for great Fraggle Websites, so much could happen, with the right...
  14. WemblinKate

    Beauty and The Beast

    Being that this is my favorite Disney movies, I guess you could say I'm kind of biased. But I loved it. The extras are fantastic and the interviews are really cool. The only thing I don't like, and I'm being a very mean person in saying this but, I didn't like when they showed Paige O'Hara...
  15. WemblinKate

    Matt Went Mobile...and Took Pictures!

    These are really great pics! I can't believe you got to meet Kermit AND Piggy, in DisneyWorld, I only got to meet Kermit. Well, I wanted to ask you 2 questions. 1. Did you make the cantus shirt? Nice Job, I need to learn how to do that 2. When you went to the Radio and Television Museum...
  16. WemblinKate


    I really think it's a lot like what happened in The Song of Songs. Doc has always been able to see the objects that have come out of Fraggle Rock, like the Doozer helmet and the postcards and so forth. But Doc could not see Gobo. Doc could physically not see a fraggle until one could touch him...
  17. WemblinKate

    Chords to "Come & Follow Me"

    This is so crazy. Alright, I'm taking a kind of Music Theory class at my school now, it's more learning all the rules to compose and arrange music. And you know what's the sad thing, the main reason I took up the class was so that I could arrange Fraggle Songs. Also because I'm most likely going...
  18. WemblinKate

    Trash Heap

    Ah, I'm sorry but this is just Crazy for me! People not knowing who the Trash Heap is! She's an oracle! No kidding, I quote her probably most of all. And when ever my friends complain about life and stuff, I just kinda break into dance and song, "Get a move, get a move on, Go with the flow"! No...
  19. WemblinKate

    Best Muppet couple

    No, No, no, no, no. I believe you are Clearly mistaken, and now I have someone to back me up! HaHA! We've already been through the whole, they shouldn't really be paired up, we know we know. BUT it's a losing fight your putting up, Red and Gobo is just how it is, face it. -Wemblin' Kate
  20. WemblinKate

    Best Muppet couple

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Ok, anyways my vote between those three would be tough to decide. I usually go for the underdog, but since Gonzo and Camilla aren't a serious couple at the moment, it would have to be between Kermit & Miss Piggy, and Floyd and Janice. Oh, I love them all...