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  1. AzureMischief

    My Giant Zeliboba gets a Giant Upgrade

    (About him and how he used to look before mid-2023) What other gift fits best for a magical creature you're madly in love with for over 25 years than a giant upgrade, practically to the level of his TV look? :big_grin: At first, when his faux-leather sneakers started to peel in 2020, I was...
  2. AzureMischief

    Fanartchive: The Dvorovoi Who Wasn't

    Read the fanart anthology || Read the photo anthology Ever since that one Sesame episode where Zeliboba wished he would “give concerts in his homeland and around the whole world,” I’ve wondered what his homeland was like. After all, it was clear that he didn’t just appear on Sesame Street out...
  3. AzureMischief

    Zeleidoscope: The Many Lives of a Dvorovoi

    A series of small stories (six for now; later there may be more) that I started in 2019 and got translated from Russian recently. Almost every drabble is inspired by posts from various people and various places around the web over the years. Plus a bit of my own fanon about the Muppet anatomy...
  4. AzureMischief

    A Zelicious talk: My interview with Ed Christie

    Since October 9th to today, I was lucky enough to talk to none other than Mr. Christie himself. The one who gave my beloved blue furry spirit, as well as a big part of the other Muppets, their amazing and unique look. Without further ado, here it is. ________________________________ Q: Hello...
  5. AzureMischief

    Azure Fanart | Muppets

    1) I like big guts and I cannot lie! 2) You other bruddas can't deny! Really though, if well-fed cats look cozy, how much hygge and warmth can be in a well-fed spirit? :wink: Also, shameless dA promotion. Feel free to stop by :smile:
  6. AzureMischief

    I finally moved!

    Now that I live in a new place for already two and a half months and the repair job is slowly getting to the end, I finally can share my joy here! :D Neither my aunt nor I (let alone all my muppets and nonmuppets from the collection :] ) expected that. We'd already been trying to trade flats for...
  7. AzureMischief

    Azure Fanart | Muppets

    I know I've drowned you in Zelis, sorry not sorry XD But the case for today's one is, actually, his twenty-fifth birthday! April 19th! And what other way can be to zelibrate it best, if not in your homeland, free and relaxed into being to the maximum? :flirt::flirt::flirt:
  8. AzureMischief

    The “What did you do today?” thread

    Actually, been doing that for a week and still doing, but. Prepared to move closer to my work! :D More time to paint (and sleep), yay!
  9. AzureMischief

    Azure Fanart | Muppets

    Happy 2020, guys! :D Have a newly-woven Zeli. Long ago a song of Joe Dassin's, L'albatros, inspired me to draw the Dvorovoi being actually woven into a shape he has now. Imagine a mysterious nowhere, full of flowy magic that is music and light and warmth at once, and a spirit appearing out of it...
  10. AzureMischief

    A little Fanart

    Is that just Floyd's vest, or he- gained a few pounds? ☺️ If he did - y'know, I did love what I'd seen of your arts of them, but this one just clicks with me. I mean, it's not just the belly per se looks cozy, here it means literally Janice's love settling on him. I'll definitely paint a...
  11. AzureMischief

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    1) Zeli's first actor (Stanislav) just promised me to look for some Ulitsa Sezam production/behind-the-scenes photos once he's back in Moscow. 2) Been re-reading Two-Headed Monster's wiki article, had been pleasantly surprised that there's a thing fitting my fanon about him to a T ^_^
  12. AzureMischief

    I seem to hit the Zeli jackpot :)

    I'm about to hit yet another Zeli jackpot soon! :) Had sent my 60 cm GUND one today to the same plushie maker for fixing all the mistakes in his appearance that GUND made. Expect photos once he's fully OOAK'd and back from Kiev/Kyiv :)
  13. AzureMischief

    Azure Fanart | Muppets

    Long time no see, eh? Have a couple of humorous/cozy pics of a "wild" Zeli from 2013(-ish, painted with acrylics and now being slooowwwwwlllyyyy repainted with gouaches because I can :P ) and from last year (a mini gouache pic). Treating himself to some grapes... ...and waiting till all of...
  14. AzureMischief

    Making Spirit Bright: My interview with Zeliboba's performer

    Not so long ago, I've managed to both add to friends (mutually, yay!) and contact Stanislav Klimushkin himself on FB - as well as get to know his point of view and the story of how Zeli had been brought to life. He's currently working as a voice actor and an advertiser. Here's the long-promised...
  15. AzureMischief

    Azure Fanart | Muppets

    @Old Thunder - Thank you so much, I'm genuinely flattered! :D 20-ish years of practicing and love for Zeli and his muppet pals weren't for nothing. As for how long it sometimes takes me to paint a piece perfectly... maybe take a look yourself: <Example - 6 pics> This one actually had more than...
  16. AzureMischief

    Azure Fanart | Non-Muppets

    (Sister thread with Muppet fanart here) I hope you won't be too astonished by amount of E. T. A. Hoffmann's Nutcracker fanart in the opening post? :) Thing is, in both 2016 and 2017, I got to paint plenty of stuff dedicated to one of its main characters (whom I, since 1992, got to love like my...
  17. AzureMischief

    Azure Fanart | Muppets

    Get ready for a Zel-avalanche (for sure ;)), guys. But before posting arts, there's a couple of things I'd like to warn you about. __________________________________ Anyway, it's an opening post and Azure Mischief proudly presents Zeliboba in his glory!, rather, Zelibaby, because...
  18. AzureMischief

    I seem to hit the Zeli jackpot :)

    Didn't I promise just that above? :) Sure I will. Just can't yet tell when exactly. (And no need to quote the whole post every time - especially long ones. Just "@" me if needed and that'll do ;))
  19. AzureMischief

    I seem to hit the Zeli jackpot :)

    Good news, guys! Not so long ago I've managed to both add to friends (mutually, yay!) and contact Stanislav Klimushkin himself on FB and get to know his point of view and the story of how Zeli had been brought to life. The interview's already posted on my blog, but it's in Russian for now (if...
  20. AzureMischief

    I seem to hit the Zeli jackpot :)

    (This isn't as much about Ulitsa Sezam itself as about its main star, Zeliboba the Dvorovoi. I couldn't find where else the thread would fit better, so posting here; feel free to move if neccessary.) Part I - The Big Blue Spirit Moves In From 2009 to 2010, I'd gathered already four plush...