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  1. Iokitek

    Fraggle Puppets

    Well I'm Dutch and not German :) And my German is really bad. But luckily the two languages have alot in common. So I've managed to translate the pattern info for those who are interrested. The last sentence just doesn't make any sense to me at all. I doubt it matters though. One picture simply...
  2. Iokitek

    kermit the frog

    Just find an old toy kermit handpuppet and take it apart :) There's your pattern.
  3. Iokitek

    arm rods -- a distraction?

    You could always just keep the rods in there but show them as little as possible. Then later on when you decide you don't want to see them it should be easier to get rid of them.
  4. Iokitek

    New puppet on e-bay

    Ah yeah I remember Miss Piggy having the same problems. I might try making a mouth like that sometime then. I actually thought for a moment there that you built the bass yourself :p But I could've guessed it was just a toy. Looks good though. But just in case anyone is interrested in small...
  5. Iokitek

    Anamatronic mouths?

    Those are 2 questions actually ;) But that's ok I've been trying to figure out animatronics myself. And although I know just a little, it is enough to know I'll probably never be able to learn it. Changing a lightbulb is as electronic as I can get. Unless you know ALOT more than me about...
  6. Iokitek

    New puppet on e-bay

    My compliments on your replica puppets :) And of your own puppets I like Vince the Wolf best of all. I have a few questions though. 1) How'd you make Floyd's bass? It's not dead on but pretty convincing. The measurements of the frets look like they were derived from a real bass. 2) I also...
  7. Iokitek

    Episode 2 Puppet rapist out

    Atfirst I thought "hmmm? Puppet Rapist?" :confused: And I thought the puppets were realy ugly. But it's starting to grow on me. Atfirst the puppet cop tells his story of the bust, thinking he was a sick ******* for smiling at him. And then you hear the other side of the story wich I thought was...
  8. Iokitek

    arm rod technique

    Basic Puppetry Techniques and Rod Arm, Human Arm Technique :) Hope that helps a little. It's still a matter of practice though.
  9. Iokitek

    New puppet on e-bay

    Ah I think I know what you mean with the plastic. I think I can find that too. Thanks for the tip :)
  10. Iokitek

    Pre-Dyed Antron Fleece

    it took me awhile to find the Antron Fleece. Here's the direct link: As ar as I can tell they have Antron in stock themselves. So you don't have to send it to them. But I'm guessing that might also be possible.
  11. Iokitek

    New puppet on e-bay

    You also use screw covers for pupils right? I can't find any shiny ones so I think I'll just spraypaint them or something. Actually your recent monster puppets have really inspired me :) I still have loads of fur. And I thought I'd make some monster puppets like these with it myself. This one...
  12. Iokitek

    The eBay Muppet Knock-off Thread

    I totally agree :) It's a good looking puppet in my opinion. Just too overdressed.
  13. Iokitek

    10 second Club

    Now I have 2 videos to do :p It's harder than I thought actually. Alot harder. So I'm glad the text was posted or else I would get it all wrong.
  14. Iokitek

    My body came out...square... help!

    The mistake I made the first time was to make the wedges like this <> instead of like this () :p Don't know if you can see what I mean. But it also came out square then wich was very logical looking back on it.
  15. Iokitek

    Bear Town: The Open Puppet Movie Project

    That's quite an idea you have there Andrew :) Actually I think this is very doable. The only thing I'm wondering about though is that not everyone has the same camera. So what kind of camera would I need (atleast) if I'd want to be able to participate? I'm not saying yet that I would ;) But I...
  16. Iokitek

    Muppet Replicas

    the Ovale Pattern can also be used to make Ernie, Oscar and Zoe. And Telly could also be made with the Punto Pattern :) And there are probably lots more you can make with them.
  17. Iokitek


    I thought so too ;) But I could be wrong ofcourse.
  18. Iokitek


    The funny thing is, my niece only turned 1 years old in november and around that time she started watching the Dutch Sesame Street. And what's weird is when either Elmo or Grover comes on she starts laughing and pointing at them saying "Look!, Look"! :) But she doesn't have that with the other...
  19. Iokitek

    1/2 Dome Eyes suppliers?

    Ok, this may sound silly, but how do I paint the pupils exactly in the same spot? I notice this isn't the case on certain puppets sometimes, And it looks to me as if they have googly eyes then. The vacuuforming sounds exactly what I'm looking for so I can make other types of eyes aswell. But...
  20. Iokitek

    Question about making puppets

    Thanks :) I tried my hand at a few other puppets in the mean time. But I guess I'm trying too much too fast. What I wanted was to move away from the Muppet look. But by doing that I made it too hard on myself I guess. In the past 2 years or so I picked up alot of info on building puppets (and...