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  1. ohdarling

    World of Froud

    oh i didn't know he played the baby in that! awesome :)
  2. ohdarling

    The Storyteller

    i have a few of the storyteller on vhs from when they aired. and hans my hedgehog always made me so sad i could never watch it. lol. but i love that show. :)
  3. ohdarling

    What are your Muppet childhood memories?

    my first love was sesame street. i was in love with ernie. i had an ernie doll that i carried everywhere with me and i called 'arnie'. i watched sesame street 3 times a day. ernie is my hero. then it was fraggle rock, and that film, the christmas toy, which we still have on an old tape and...
  4. ohdarling

    Worst Muppet Film

    i agree. :) i love that one. i have yet to see muppets in space and kermit's swamp years i have never seen. i'm not sure which movie i like least.... i like all the ones i have favorites are probably muppet treasure island and the muppet movie .
  5. ohdarling

    Oh yeah...Muppet Meetups are here!

    usually what happens is people decide on where to meet up based on where you live (and based on what place people voted) and you should get emails verifying when and where it will be. :) from other people near you. i hope that makes sense !
  6. ohdarling

    World of Froud

    i LOVE froud. and his wife! i love the pressed faerie series. they are wonderful and make me laugh. and i just love everything he does. he is amazin. :)
  7. ohdarling

    New Quilt

    those are all so great!! i want one ;)
  8. ohdarling

    What's your favorite muffin?

    muppfins! hehe yes opium. :D mm now i want muffins. :flirt:
  9. ohdarling

    Heart broken

    my chinchilla passed away this morning in my arms. he was my best friend and it feels empty here without him. hollow and empty and wrong. i wanted to send more hugs to beaker because i understand how you feel so much right now. i just keep taking sleeping pills to take away the pain. he was...
  10. ohdarling

    What's your favorite muffin?

    you are all muffins!!! all of you!!! okay..anyway. my favorite is opium muffins. well, poppy seed. i call them opium muffins to be strange :D
  11. ohdarling


    i have downloaded some fraggle rock episodes :) i loved it too, i still do. it's just so great. i swear that it's just like our world, or society. hehe
  12. ohdarling

    i'm on friendster my email on it is i think if you want to add me :)
  13. ohdarling


    i was born in august in 81. :) i grew up with sesame street, muppet show, and my very favorite fraggle rock. also..i loved that movie special the christmas toy. i think we still have it on tape somewhere. i always watched that it even made me sniffle at some parts. LOL
  14. ohdarling

    The loss of a loved pet

    i'm so sorry, my dog passed away about half a year ago and it was so sad because he was more than just a pet he was a best friend. i understand how it feels and offer love and hugs to you.
  15. ohdarling

    Harry Potter Puppet Pals

    yeah they are great aren't they? :D
  16. ohdarling

    Muppet WAV files for my computer

    these wavs are great :D
  17. ohdarling

    Looking for Muppet Graphics

    i have a bunch if you want some..are there any type of muppets you want? :)
  18. ohdarling

    Post a pic of yourself for all to admire

    hey if you wanna see something really cute..;) click here :)
  19. ohdarling

    Muppet fans, who's hot?

    my fave would be johnny depp. he is so yummy. :flirt: ps you are all silly! silly !!! matt *hugs* i feel your pain. im not newly single but have been since november. wah. ;)
  20. ohdarling

    Disability Corner

    yeah it feels good though. Because you knew you could do it. And that was what counted. Aaron where does yours effect you? sorry if im nosey. im just curious..:) one thing i found was that everyone i knew that had cp seemed to be really smart. although i wouldnt consider myself a genious...