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  1. Tonichelle

    What are you going to be for Halloween?

    we're going with a theme at my house... the outside is going to be decorated in a Pirate ship theme (the porch is the boat... and we'll have a few 'scenes' from PotC the ride... anyway lol) I will be dressed pretty similar to Elizabeth Swann in Pirates 2, my neice (she's almost two) is going to...
  2. Tonichelle

    Funniest Muppet Moment

    Manha Manha (ok so I can't spell it) that whole song cracks me up everytime... and watching it is even funnier than just singing the song!
  3. Tonichelle

    Halloween Costumes

    at the portrait studio where I work we're all dressing up for Halloween and I'm going to be Daisy Duck. Got my costume from in the mail today and I already tried it on and I LOVE it! It's so cute!
  4. Tonichelle

    Favorite Peanuts Special ( Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the Gang)

    "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" is my favorite :)
  5. Tonichelle

    What did you buy this Month ( Music, DVD's, Video Games, Muppet Stuff)

    CDs: Just Clay Aiken's new album... it's not as good as his others :( Movies: none Clothes: Got my Hallowe'en Costume from I'm going to be Daisy Duck! Muppets: none
  6. Tonichelle

    Immortalizing killers

    no I don't think the media has... yes they make mention of the 'Columbine Shootings' but rarely if ever do they talk about the boys by name... it is just normally 'when two students shot and killed classmates and teachers before turning the guns on themselves' the media did a very good job at...
  7. Tonichelle

    8 Simple Rules

    I never got into the show... but the episode where they all said goodbye to John was incredibly touching... I can remember my dad crying through the whole thing...
  8. Tonichelle

    Lamb Chop's Play Along

    Love and miss that show... Lamb Chop was so funny... and I love saying 'Hush Puppy' while mimicking 'his' voice lol
  9. Tonichelle

    ~ Muppet Musique ~ (Updates)

    I love this site, even when work keeps me from coming to the boards I always check your site out to see if there is more muppet goodness to download lol
  10. Tonichelle

    Steve Martin used to be so great.

    I didn't grow up with siblings... my brother is ten years younger than I am and he wasn't adopted until after I graduated high school... so I was pretty much an only child... but my pastor has 9 kids and they love that movie! LOL
  11. Tonichelle

    Steve Martin used to be so great.

    Father of the Bride 1 & 2 were great... I think those were his best films... but I'm a daddy's girl and I adore The Three Amigos in a way no one seems to understand... great movie... haven't seen the jerk, but it's one of dad's all time favorite movies lol so it must be good :) I would...
  12. Tonichelle

    Yahoo! Groups

    I belong to an Alaskan Pug group... and a Kurt Browning fan club group, but they're no longer a yahoo group so... :)
  13. Tonichelle

    Tony Danza's Talk Show

    my mom loves Tony and loved his show... didn't know it'd been cancelled... though she might have said something about didn't his show take over Wayne Brady's show? I loved Wayne's talk show so much... he's a Disneyholic like me! :)
  14. Tonichelle

    Does anybody keep a "dead people's section"?

    Not of anyone save for a man that was in our high school band as a guest musician. He was a local judge, and was one of my favorite people in the 4 years of high school. I loved him dearly, and still miss him. I played in his memorial service, and keep his picture and the "program" from the...
  15. Tonichelle

    Forum Habits

    this section and the general discussion is where I post the most, but I try to read a little from each of the main muppet discussion forums
  16. Tonichelle

    Check this out...if you want to

    very cute!!!! I like it! MASH = Best show ever
  17. Tonichelle

    Have you ever been banned from another forum?

    only one, and it's now defunct... it was run by a disturbed group of people who joked about killing their favorite skater (whom the board was about)'s main competition. It was pretty gross. All I said was I didn't think it was humorous and out went I. I'm thankful for it, though. I wouldn't want...
  18. Tonichelle

    Best singing by non-recording artist guest stars

    not to sound completely stupid, but didn't Mark Hamill (Star Wars - Luke Skywalker) get to sing on TMS? and would he count as he performed then and now on and off broadway?
  19. Tonichelle

    Muppet Vision Question

    I don't see why they couldn't Universal Studios has the Shrek 4-D ride, and the Shrek 3-D short DVD thing is the ride without the moving and extra special effects (though you can always re-create the ride with some cheap tricks of your own, which is what we do lol because my family is a group of...
  20. Tonichelle

    Michael Jackson

    I agree: Thriller...