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  1. Uncledeadly12

    Thomas & Friends

    I uploaded some new Thomas videos on my YouTube channel if anyone wants to check them out:
  2. Uncledeadly12

    The Count Von Count Build

    He looks amazing! :batty:
  3. Uncledeadly12

    Dreams about Muppets...

    I had a dream where I met Joel Grey and I had him sign my season 1 DVD box set of The Muppet Show, and then I took a picture with him, and then a couple of days later, my theater hosted a Muppet event and a lot of Muppet fans showed up, the event ended with everyone receiving random puppets...
  4. Uncledeadly12

    Animated Hotties?

    Roxy Rocket from the New Batman Adventures.... 😍
  5. Uncledeadly12

    Diamond Select Toys to Produce new Muppet figures and mini mates!

    I would love to see them make Lips, Walter, Lew Zealand, the Newsman, Marvin Suggs, Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Nigel, Constantine, Bobo, Digit, Beauregard, Annie Sue, Wayne, and Wanda. Also, a re-release of Crazy Harry would be cool.
  6. Uncledeadly12

    Animated Hotties?

    Bonnie Swanson is 100% hotter than Lois Griffin, IMO. Also, Margot Robbie can get it :big_grin:
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    Animated Hotties?

    Lola Bunny and Helen Parr.... :flirt::flirt::flirt::flirt::flirt::flirt::flirt:
  8. Uncledeadly12

    My Wishlist for Which Projects the Muppets Should Do in the Future

    For me, I want to see Muppets Phantom of the Opera, yes, I know the book exists, but I want to see a Muppet film adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera similar to Christmas Carol and Treasure Island.
  9. Uncledeadly12

    Richard Hunt and Muppet Christmas Carol

    If I were to guess, filming might've began sometime after Richard Hunt's death?
  10. Uncledeadly12

    The Tradgedy of Digit, Muppet who Failed to Be

    I agree, also Clifford, George the Janitor, Hilda, and Angus McGonagle to name a few. As for Digit, recently, on a ToughPigs podcast for Muppets Mayhem, Dave Goelz said this about Digit, "You know, I wish I could have another shot at him (Digit). We didn’t get that whole show working and I...
  11. Uncledeadly12

    Richard Hunt and Muppet Christmas Carol

    According to @MuppetSpot, there were some loose talks of Richard being a part of the project, but his health and tragic death prevented that. Scooter was also supposed to play one of the ghosts, I believe it was either the Ghost of Christmas Past or Ghost of Christmas Present?
  12. Uncledeadly12

    Favorite character for each puppeteer

    Jim Henson - Cantus, the Muppet Newsman, and Guy Smiley Frank Oz - Sam the Eagle, George the Janitor, and Marvin Suggs Jerry Nelson - Uncle Deadly, Blind Pew, Pa Gorg, Floyd Pepper, Mad Monty, the Count, Ghost of Christmas Present, Frazzle, S.A.M. the Robot, Crazy Harry, Lew Zealand, and Angus...
  13. Uncledeadly12

    Confessing Crushes...

    I agree, also Janice and Spamela Hamderson.
  14. Uncledeadly12

    Thomas & Friends

    As my second post on this thread, I want to share a couple of remakes that I've made in the past.
  15. Uncledeadly12

    Thomas & Friends

    Well, I think I found one of my new favorite threads. Heh.
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    The Funny Videoe Thread

  17. Uncledeadly12

    The Funny Picture Thread

    There's Robin Hood and Prince John in the background! (I wish they could come out more, perhaps for a Long Lost Friends week :shifty:)
  18. Uncledeadly12

    Favorite Dave Goelz Character

    For me, it's definitely Digit.
  19. Uncledeadly12

    Diamond Select Toys to Produce new Muppet figures and mini mates!

    For me, I want to see Lips, Link Hogthrob, Dr. Julius Strangepork, Lew Zealand, Marvin Suggs, the Snowths, Beauregard, The Newsman, Annie Sue, Wayne, Wanda, Nigel (The Conductor), Johnny Fiama, Sal, Big Mean Carl, Sweetums, Pops, Angus McGonagle, Clueless Morgan, Polly Lobster, Mad Monty, Blind...