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  1. fragglevision

    July 10: Celebrating Jerry Nelson

    y'all knew I was gonna post here for the day... So early this morning there was a thunderstorm. Given the timing of today combined with Jerry's most famous character, I have a feeling it was his doing. Given that I've been having a bit of a rough spot lately about rapidly going nowhere in my...
  2. fragglevision

    Your Thoughts: Jim Henson "Idea Man" on Disney+

    I quite enjoyed it! Did feel in some areas like a rehash of the other Henson docs that came before it, but being reminded that JH didn't have an easy time trying to convince networks that the Muppet Show was a good idea, and how Labyrinth was reappraised years after being initially written off...
  3. fragglevision

    Muppets on Television book coming soon

    I realized this was a joke and now I'm sad :(
  4. fragglevision

    Your Thoughts: Christmas Merrython on Muppet Central Radio

    in related news, many of the albums are still missing their art, in particular Truro Daydreams, several of the Sesame albums (e.g. The Gang's All Here), and each season of Fraggle Rock (the Dream a Dream and See cover album also has no cover art while the other two do IIRC).
  5. fragglevision

    Your Thoughts: Christmas Merrython on Muppet Central Radio

    Do you mean this? There was also an earlier, longer "Millennium Mix" of the same, which is just as compelling
  6. fragglevision

    Muppetcast lost?

    and the site is down again. Someone suggest to Steve Swanson that he house all the episodes on Internet Archive.
  7. fragglevision

    Non-Muppet MP3 Trade Page

    Anyone who has Nick at Nite's A Classic Cartoon Christmas, can they send me an mp3 of The Little Drummer Boy as it appears on that album?
  8. fragglevision

    Your Thoughts: Christmas Merrython on Muppet Central Radio

    ok, why is the song data not showing up on the Torontocast webpage? It just says "Christmas Merrython" over and over.
  9. fragglevision

    Your Thoughts: Christmas Merrython on Muppet Central Radio

    maybe I'm just never on the page when they do play the songs. After all it's probably just four songs out of somewhere between 500-600.
  10. fragglevision

    Your Thoughts: Christmas Merrython on Muppet Central Radio

    is it me, or do the soundtrack versions of the Letters to Santa songs no longer play? I hear songs that play during the special itself (namely My Best Christmas with the cast dialogue, and that Crystals song heard at the very beginning) but none of the officially released songs.
  11. fragglevision

    Non-Muppet MP3 Trade Page

    can anyone send me this track as an mp3?
  12. fragglevision

    Muppet Christmas MUP3's

    many moons ago I asked for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir x Sesame Keep Christmas With You album and got it, but now due to circumstances beyond my control I don't have the entire album and am trying to recalibrate my entire holiday playlist before spooky season ends. Can anyone resend it to me...
  13. fragglevision

    Lomax the Hound of Music - missing episode of non-Muppet puppet show

    Figured this would be the best place to post this. Lomax the Hound of Music is a non-Muppet puppet show from 2008-09 that featured appearances from Muppet performers. One episode in particular is tricky to find. This is Episode 3, "Purple Light", which is only publicly available in the form of...
  14. fragglevision

    Your Thoughts: Muppet Central Radio on TorontoCast, TuneIn, Apple, Amazon and Google

    actually the person singing is Joe Negri, but it is sung on the show.
  15. fragglevision

    Sesame Street Season 53 Episode 5317 - Just Right

    Or Chris Pratt being cast as Mario despite not being the right type (physically or vocally) to play Mario. Really, there's so much of this out there that that episode can apply to any of it. Also (and I don't want to elaborate too much lest this become a full-on comment war) I feel the main...
  16. fragglevision

    Non-Muppet MP3 Trade Page

    does anyone have MP3's of the Target-exclusive bonus tracks to Jennifer Nettles' musical theatre cover album Always Like New? These tracks are "Not While I'm Around" and "She Used to be Mine".
  17. fragglevision

    When will more Muppet Show season guides be made?

    for what it's worth, Muppet Wiki has full guides for all five seasons
  18. fragglevision

    Your Thoughts: Christmas Merrython on Muppet Central Radio

    apparently there's at least one other song on that show that Jerry Nelson has a writing credit on, "Light Will Make It Bright" IIRC. Wouldn't know for sure since I've never seen a single full episode of Secret Life of Toys, as I never found the DVDs of it and it's not on Roku in my area.
  19. fragglevision

    Muppet Guys Talking

    bringing this back, I did end up getting it (the link on the website to buy it has since died out, but the splash page is still up), but I'm still interested in seeing the bonus scenes that were only available to those who signed up for a $97 tier that was available for like two weeks. All but...