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  1. Xevia

    Looking for Muppet sewing/knitting/cross stitch/craft patterns

    I'm looking to make some of my own Fraggles. Does anyone have the sewing pattern for Fraggles or something extremely close? Send me an email at please! You'll have my eternal gratitude!:excited:
  2. Xevia

    What if Disney added a Muppet block to The Disney Channel?

    If Disney did this I would be glued to the TV
  3. Xevia

    Muppet Central's 2010 Weight Loss Challenge

    I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I have a hard time eating in the morning! It has to be something really simple because my stomach hates morning eating for some reason. Anyone else like this?
  4. Xevia

    Muppet Central's 2010 Weight Loss Challenge

    I know the fight acid with acid thing sounds terrible, but many people attest to it. It is the apple cider variety :)
  5. Xevia

    Muppet Central's 2010 Weight Loss Challenge

    Red: Part of my problem is that I have acid reflux sometimes and instead of killing it with medication, I tend to fill my stomach with food to make it feel better. I really need to cut that out. Xevia: I know it is totally gross, but just use 1 tbsp of vinegar for acid reflux, it works pretty...
  6. Xevia

    FS: It's Not Easy Being Green Book

    Is it too late for this deal? I've been wanting to check out that book for awhile now, if you still have it send me a message please!
  7. Xevia

    Diets...not fun..but gonna be WORTH IT!

    Katz: Xevia? love cookies so much,right? They make 100 calorie cookies.(I'm not sure about the sugar on them...I'll need to check...I'll get back to ya.;) The cookies are bite sized & come in little packets) Xevia: Yes, those will eventually be my saving grace so I don't end up going...
  8. Xevia

    Muppet Central's 2010 Weight Loss Challenge

    Sounds good ppl, this is going to be great to have a good support system! Anyone care to share their meal plans? I need to cut out all sugar for awhile because I have a condition that I'm not going to go too far into, but sugar makes it the worst so I'm going to try to stay away from it...
  9. Xevia


    Thank you for the welcomes, I didn't post much before I guess because I didn't feel that welcome, but this time around has been a lot better already.
  10. Xevia

    Muppet Central's 2010 Weight Loss Challenge

    I'm in, let's start Monday with a nice fresh start. Everyone get your weights in over the weekend (you don't have to share the number with us if you don't want to) and let's do a bi weekly or something agreeable weigh in. For the couple ppl that said they don't have a scale most any doctor's...
  11. Xevia


    I haven't posted here in quite awhile, so I figured it would be good to re-introduce myself as I plan on becoming one of the "fam" here. My name is Stephannie and I live in Flint, MI. (yes it is as bad as it sounds) I live with my husband of 10 years our dog, 2 cats, and 2 turtles. I am a...
  12. Xevia

    Diets...not fun..but gonna be WORTH IT!

    Well I want to just jump right in this forum and make myself at home so here goes the weight story for me. I was 170 lbs when I moved in with my hubby, and I'd like to get back there. I now have type 2 diabetes and I control it with pills, but I would like to eventually control it with diet...
  13. Xevia

    The New Movie: The Muppets

    I agree! Gaga is modeled after Piggy! :mad:
  14. Xevia

    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego!

    That is so awesome you remember the villian's names! I remember that lady always saying Gumshoe. I liked playing at home and always hoped that it would be a map of America at the end.
  15. Xevia

    How's the weather where you are?

    Freezing, but when it is extra cold like this the snow sparkles like glitter!
  16. Xevia

    Old Nickelodeon

    I know that this has probably been posted before, but I really miss some of the old Nickelodeon shows like Salute your Shorts, Hey Dude, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and things like that. What were your favorites? :crazy:
  17. Xevia

    The "What Are You Eating Right Now?" Thread

    I have a warm piece of pecan pie!
  18. Xevia

    The "I Saw Something REALLY Weird Today" Thread

    I saw that one, and although I am an Ozzy fan I liked the Mr. T one better. However that Ozzy commercial where he has to text what he is saying to people is priceless! :crazy:
  19. Xevia

    Tis' the Season...For Cookies & Presents!

    LOL I always say that whenever I buy candy!
  20. Xevia

    Tis' the Season...For Cookies & Presents!

    Cheesecake! :hungry: