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  1. MuppetGuy75

    Steve Whitmire has left the Muppets, Matt Vogel to continue as Kermit

    So sad to hear this news. I can't wait to hear more about his reasons for leaving. Until then, I will look forward to Matt Vogel's new role. Let's hope he does a good job and nails not only Kermit's voice but his mannerisms too.
  2. MuppetGuy75

    Best of The Muppet Show: Time Life vs. Columbia releases?

    I own the Time-Life set and they are great! Mostly because many of the episodes they had were from season 4 and 5! You don't get them all but it's better than nothing! Plus you get opening trivia bits from Jim's son Brian. Good stuff! :)
  3. MuppetGuy75

    Jim Henson Johnny Carson appearance re-run

    The cable channel Antenna TV airs re-runs of the Johnny Carson show every week night. I read the upcoming schedule and the March 1974 appearance of Jim Henson airs Friday night (May 26th). This episode he brought Kermit to chat with Johnny as well as he and Frank Oz did a small bit. Classic...
  4. MuppetGuy75

    Muppets Live at the Hollywood Bowl September 8-10, 2017

    OMG! I would love to attend this! If the Electric Mayhem performance was as amazing as it was... this show will be a gem! Better start saving my pennies!
  5. MuppetGuy75

    ABC officially cancels "The Muppets"

    Heartbroken. BIG MISTAKE ABC!!!!
  6. MuppetGuy75

    20 Years Since MT

    Muppets Tonight had it's moments.... there were at times some great sketches and hilarious scenes with the guest stars. However, the writing was HORRIBLE! Our beloved Jerry Juhl was not on the project and most of the episodes were written by MANY writers. It seemed really juvenile at times...
  7. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 15 - Generally Inhospitable

    I was totally caught off guard that this was the season finale for the show and boy oh boy, what a great way to end an amazing season! When Piggy broke her leg, I was cracking up at how the other Muppets were looking away or passing out (poor Bobo). LOL As usual, lots of great one liners...
  8. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 14 - Little Green Lie

    Wonderful episode! Great seeing Robin! As of tonight, I think were getting one step closer to the frog & pig getting back together!!!
  9. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 12 - A Tail of Two Piggies

    I know I sound like a broken record but seriously... these episodes get better week after week! I would have to say tonight's episode was one of my favorites this season. It really spoke to our times! Well done! :):mad:
  10. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 11 - Swine Song

    Another outstanding episode! Uncle Deadly and Bobo the Bear can easily steal the show. They always have the best dialog! With that being said, Miss Piggy dressing up like Miley Cyrus was hilarious!!! She cracks me up!
  11. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 10 - Single All the Way

    This one folks.... this is the one right here! THIS was classic Muppets! Maybe it's the holidays that bring out the best in them? No matter what, the show's writing was right on point! So many sweet and hilarious moments! Uncle Deadly's "Can of Worms" cracked me up! Of course, nothing...
  12. MuppetGuy75

    Look what they have at Kohl's!!

    That shirt was originally sold on the website the only difference is that Miss Piggy was replaced by Rizzo! I've worn that shirt so much it's badly faded but I love it. Might need to track this one down too! :)
  13. MuppetGuy75

    What was the last Henson thing you bought?

    The Hallmark Miss Piggy talking Christmas ornament!
  14. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 9 - Going, Going, Gonzo

    Yet again... great episode! Best part however was the closing when after so many mishaps over the years, Gonzo completed a stunt safely! Sweet! :) Also... Piggy Water needs to happen!
  15. MuppetGuy75

    TV Alert: Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow on Lifetime November 21, 2015

    I'm not one to bash or bad talk any Henson project because let's face it... Jim was the man. He fueled a generation with imagination and wonder. I think the idea of Turkey Hollow is great but the final production lacked a lot. It really should have been a much shorter presentation and not 2...
  16. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 8 - Too Hot to Handler

    Oh my gosh.... this episode was hilarious! So many great Muppet moments especially the running gag of Kermit talking to someone and they think he's talking to the camera. Classic! May I also ad how much I love Bobo Bear. He cracks me up! :);):rolleyes::shifty:
  17. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 7 - Pig's in a Blackout

    I thought the moment between Kermit and Rowlf was absolutely golden (especially Rowlf's invitation to chew on a shoe) but that was all squashed when the final scene of the show featured Kermit in his backyard singing "Rainbow Connection". The writers are doing a fantastic job!!! Love it! :)
  18. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 4 - Pig Out

    Karaoke with the Muppets was AWESOME! Seriously, I want to join that party next time! ;):D:hungry::attitude::confused::eek::shifty::concern:
  19. MuppetGuy75

    The Muppets Episode 3 - Bear Left Then Bear Write

    Another solid episode! Fozzie getting tranquilized and the after effects was hilarious! I'm so happy the show is doing well in the ratings!