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  1. That Announcer

    do you listen to audio commentary first?

    I'll be honest: if I've seen the film before and it's a new DVD, I listen to the commentary first. From my experience, the best commentaries are those on Robert Rodriguez DVDs; the ones with film producer Don Hahn on movies like "The Haunted Mansion" and "Beauty and the Beast" are a close...
  2. That Announcer

    Movie Conversations

    (I'd be tempted to run up with "We will sell no wine before its time", but I can't, so I won't...) "Okay... okay... think, think, think..." (MWoO)
  3. That Announcer

    Movie Conversations

    "Well, I think the fries are done." (UHF)
  4. That Announcer

    Last Activity...

    I think it's because of the "invisible" mode that some use.
  5. That Announcer

    What music are you listening to?

    The Monkees- Someday Man (note: written by Paul Williams)
  6. That Announcer

    Movie Conversations

    "What, you want some eggs erroneous?" (Ernest Goes to Camp)
  7. That Announcer

    Record show in town

    You've not seen that much of me around lately due to school and its resulting effects (laziness, naps and homework), and you won't be seeing much of me tomorrow either. I'm sleeping in (I'm gonna do that whenever I can), and then going to the O'Keefe-Lepage record show (I had to give you that...
  8. That Announcer

    Spammers at MC...

    That's been happening to me more recently lately. Of course, the spammers deliberately misspell everything so that it can make it through the filter. The one that I get most frequently is for "Ci-alis", but I've had the "Viaaggra" emails that D'Snowth talked about once or twice as well. You...
  9. That Announcer

    Movie Conversations

    Not really. TQT was intended as a place to divert all random conversation with quotes included as a "bonus" if you will; this is intended to carry out a conversation using movie (and now TV) quotes. But yes, I will take away the TV quote ruling.
  10. That Announcer

    T*K*O-"The Strike"

    Thanks for the compliments, fellas. Great to hear. I think I'll write more for next season, I sure hope you don't mind. :)
  11. That Announcer

    Movie Conversations

    (Note: I think from now on I'll let TV quotes come into the game. It makes for a wider range of stuff, plus it lets me give this next quote.) "I want to go to Pitts-burgh!" (TMS)
  12. That Announcer

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Welcome, welcome, one and all! Step right up and test your skill... *cough* I think I'm in the wrong place! :) Anyway, great to have you.
  13. That Announcer

    Your favorite TV Guide cover art

    I think there was one with the Monkees on it, that was good...
  14. That Announcer

    Lisa Lindo

    I'm listening now to a great jazz CD by my favorite jazz singer, one Lisa Lindo, a local artist but one that I hope is soon known the world over. You can listen to a few samples of her songs at her official website. One in particular will hold interest for you: her rendition of "Bein' Green"...
  15. That Announcer

    Happy Birthday Krazedmuppet!

    H.b to a fellow "Phantom of the Opera" fanatic! :) :D :excited:
  16. That Announcer

    Movie Conversations

    "Down the hall, and to the left." (MWoO)
  17. That Announcer

    Penguin Naming Ceremony

    I'll vote for Eduardo, as a tribute to the man who embodies MC: The Count.
  18. That Announcer

    Muppet Survivor Game

    *Johnny pops out of the water holding a bunch of oysters* Food! Fish! Who's got dat fire goin'? Keep it up! Throw dese on the fire, Sal! Hey you, get out of the water!
  19. That Announcer

    How's the weather where you are?

    Weather: HOT. Bad. Breakfast: Granola bar Lunch: Steak sandwich Supper: Hot dogs and beans