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  1. Giar Fraggle

    Puppeteers of America & UNIMA-USA

    I probably would be if I had any spare cash lying around...
  2. Giar Fraggle


    I should make Chunk a Myspace...that's an awesome idea. Was never into making one for myself, but a puppet of mine...hmmm...
  3. Giar Fraggle

    My Puppets

    Those are awesome! And Super Mario puppets! Huzzah!
  4. Giar Fraggle

    My first puppet! Now, with hair!

    Looks awesome! Great job with the hair.
  5. Giar Fraggle

    Dragon puppet WIP

    :eek: Wow, that thing is amazing! Once it's done, you'd have no problem convincing me it's real.
  6. Giar Fraggle

    Book Worm rod puppet WIP

    He looks awesome! I love the glasses, they're a great touch.
  7. Giar Fraggle

    Me and my niece had some fun with puppets

    That's awesome! (And your cat is cute.) Puppets are way more fun when you're not flying solo.
  8. Giar Fraggle

    Alien - Grey Matter

    That. Is. Amazing. :eek: You did an awesome job! It looks so real! And so cool! And so tiny! That thing looks like a LOT of fun to puppeteer.
  9. Giar Fraggle

    my animatronic puppet

    Too cool! Great job!
  10. Giar Fraggle

    "Viva La Diva" My new puppet "LIZ, The Starlet"

    Cute! I love the hair, it really goes great with her personality.
  11. Giar Fraggle

    New Puppet:Sozo Monster

    Awesome job! Love the Greek name, he even looks a little Greek to me.
  12. Giar Fraggle

    I Did It!!

    Congrats on your first puppet!
  13. Giar Fraggle

    "Dont Hold Me Up" Video

    Thanks for the link! My lifelong dilemma has been solved! I'm freeeeeee!! (Am I being too dramatic?)
  14. Giar Fraggle

    "Dont Hold Me Up" Video

    Puppet music video + puppets playing guitar + puppets interacting with humans + 2 t. baking soda = GENIUS! PURE GENIUS! Those guys are so awesome for doing this! By the way, would you happen to know where they got the puppet-sized guitars?
  15. Giar Fraggle

    I have a cut new puppet on ebay. "Spanky"

    Cute! I like the feathers, that was a cool addition.
  16. Giar Fraggle

    A new puppet

    Please allow me to envy your skill. *envies*
  17. Giar Fraggle

    Actors on Stage with Puppets

    I'm never jealous of my puppets...they get their mouths tweaked by 3-year-olds. :smirk:
  18. Giar Fraggle

    The "Fantasy" of Puppetry

    If the character is written well, then yes, it is possible to imagine that they are real. The same goes for cartoon characters and fiction characters. I think this falls in the same vein as puppets in that you've got this character, this personality, and the only thing that's standing between...
  19. Giar Fraggle

    The "Fantasy" of Puppetry

    I don't really have anything deep or insightful to add, you've already said all of it beautifully. You guys are too cool. :D So I guess I'll just answer the question posed to me at the beginning. Character reality is very important to me. While my characters are extensions of different facets...
  20. Giar Fraggle

    Sneek Peak at episode 5 Digital Toodloo animated

    Wow, those are amazing! I'm just in awe that you've been able to do this. Great job!