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  1. Frogster

    Muppet puppet and books!

    So I found this on ebay... maybe someone here would like this!
  2. Frogster

    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    Sooooo... I'm looking for the CD ONLY versions of The Rock Goes On and The Beetle song. Someone's gotta have those two right? The CD only came out a couple years ago. Please help me out! plenty to trade as well, just let me know.
  3. Frogster

    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    IF anyone has these songs, could you make sure they're mp3s, not WMA's?
  4. Frogster

    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    CD versions of "See The Beetle" and "The Rock Goes On" plus "Sunlight & Shadow" by Mokey. Thank you :)
  5. Frogster

    New Muppet movie in development for potential 2013 release

    This is great news to hear, and I'm thrilled they're at it, but taking their time on it is what made "The Muppets" such a hit in November. Secondly, with Walter being heavily involved and new Muppets being brought in, will characters like Link, Lew Zealand, Janice, Sam Eagle, Bunsen and others...
  6. Frogster

    The New York Pops play The Muppets at Carnegie Hall April 14

    What is that video of Rowlf from, where he's wearing a watch? Anyone?
  7. Frogster

    Amazon Muppet Blu-Ray Deal

    Does anyone remember about a month ago somewhere on Amazon saying they were releasing all 7 Muppet films plus some Muppet specials on Blu-Ray as some kind of combo pack deal? If so, I was looking for it...
  8. Frogster

    Geekvolution: Geeks Not Nerds

    Here's the final installment of me discussing "The Muppets" on Geekvolution... and yeah, Jay doesn't exactly know the Muppet characters quite as well as we do lol... hope you guys enjoy, and look forward to hearing any of your opinions...
  9. Frogster

    Geekvolution: Geeks Not Nerds

    Part 2
  10. Frogster

    Geekvolution: Geeks Not Nerds

    That picture still of my eyes and mouth from the video above is just lovely lol Anyways, here's Part 1 of "The Muppets" podcast with Geekvolution, enjoy:
  11. Frogster

    Geekvolution: Geeks Not Nerds

    Hello everyone, I was recently asked to do a couple of shows for a podcast series located in Kansas City, discussing the movie, "The Muppets" and I also did a vidcast as well. The podcast, which was around 45 minutes long, will be up later, but I thought I'd share the video with you too, since...
  12. Frogster

    Segel pushing for an Oscar

    Link Hogthrob should be nominated just for keeping his nose, like Barbara Streisand lol
  13. Frogster

    Petition: "The Muppets": Extended Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Release

    Alright people, we've got something going to get Season 4 of The Muppet Show released by Disney, and now it's time to focus on the new movie. We all know there's plenty of deleted scenes, and we all need to band together to try our best to get those deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray/DVD before it...
  14. Frogster

    The Christmas Party Sing Along lyrics

    We sing about the talking snow man And the reindeer with the shinny nose The swans & the maids & the bird in the tree & a sleigh ride through the snow We sing about the three ships sailing in And the three kings that followed a star We wonder 'bout wassail and figi pudding If we ever find out...
  15. Frogster

    Muppet Christmas MUP3's

    Do you have the other album-version songs from MFC?
  16. Frogster

    Found a video for "The Muppets" finale

    Very cool... hope this guy doesn't get busted though.
  17. Frogster

    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    I was wondering if anyone had the album versions of "We Need A Little Christmas" and "Jingle Bell Rock" where Animal mumbles 'thank you' at the end. Any helpers?
  18. Frogster

    Your Thoughts: "The Muppets" Theatrical Film

    I've seen it 4 times now and I've still got people to see it with, I'm still in love with most of the songs, and I've been in such a great holiday mood because of this film. Despite what people like Chris Piatt and FOX News say, this is a fantastic film, and I've even had people ask me, "Muppet...
  19. Frogster

    Muppets on UK X Factor November 27

    Eric Jacobson's been busy :halo:
  20. Frogster

    How well does the new movie have to do?

    I've seen it 3 times now, so I've come down just enough off the high from the first viewing that I think I can provide an accurate depiction of how I feel about the seven movies altogether... 1. The Muppet Movie 2. Muppets Take Manhattan 3. The Muppets 4. Muppet Christmas Carol 5. Great Muppet...