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  1. Rhys

    2013: What Muppet stuff did you get for Christmas?

    Well I received the Muppets backstage play set by palisades :)
  2. Rhys

    Palisades muppets accessories needed

    Hello muppet community, I am in need of a few palisades muppet accessories. I need the following: Kermit mug (Series 1) Rizzo pizza box and the boxing glove on the plastic. If you have any of those 3 i am willing to trade some accessories Thanks Rhys :)
  3. Rhys

    Looking for some palisades muppets

    Hello guys Today I purchased a backstage play set (At last) and I was wondering if anybody has or knows where to purchase a rowlf that is supposed to come with the play set from. That was the only thing missing from the play set so if anybody knows please leave a comment or inbox me Thanks Rhys :)
  4. Rhys

    Breakability of Figures

    Hello I have had problems with my scooter, I only display my figures but the popcorn carts leg came off which was easy to repare But I had to glue scooters torso because I posed him and it broke
  5. Rhys

    Some Palisades Muppets for trade

    Hello, you may see this in another category also but I am trying to trade my 2 crazy harry and DR.Bunsen Honeydew figures. If anybody would like them please leave a comment or PM me Thanks Rhys
  6. Rhys

    Wanted - Muppets backstage playset

    Hello people of the muppet community. I am finally back on the forum and I am still looking for a muppets backstage playset (boxed or unboxed) for sale. If anyone finds anything please inbox me or leave a comment Thanks Rhys
  7. Rhys

    Looking for a rowlf

    nice, would you swap?
  8. Rhys

    Looking for a rowlf

  9. Rhys

    Looking for a rowlf

    Would you trade it?
  10. Rhys

    Muppet Figure trade

    well i have quite a few other figures but i only wanted to trade them. Can you please PM me so we can sort out a deal :)
  11. Rhys

    Muppet Figure trade

    ill trade the ones you want, Who would you trade from the ones you have
  12. Rhys

    Muppet Figure trade

    im interested in all of them
  13. Rhys

    Muppet Figure trade

    es they are, what will you be offering?
  14. Rhys

    Check out my new muppet video

    Haha thanks :)
  15. Rhys

    Check out my new muppet video

    Hello, I know ive posted before but i now have a new video up and i would appreciate it if you checked it out
  16. Rhys

    Backstage Playset

    Hi People, just wondering if anybody new a good price for a backstage playset and if there is anywhere else apart form ebay to get it? Thanks Rhys
  17. Rhys

    Palisades Muppets for Trade!!!

    ok ill post pics soon
  18. Rhys

    Palisades Muppets for Trade!!!

    yea do you want to see? Are you interested?
  19. Rhys

    Custom-Made The Muppets 2011 Background Poster

    Ive looked aswell and I got nothing :(. Ive fund lots of other posters that may take your fancie tho Take a look
  20. Rhys

    Palisades Muppets for Trade!!!

    I have a few palisades muppets for trade Gonzo with cannon and cape Dr. Bunsen Honeydew with robot rabbit and Muppet labs book Crazy Harry with all accessory's Please reply to this thread or pm me if you want to trade Thanks Rhys :D