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  1. Thomas Young

    Questions about anything

    I feel it is 'I smell like I sound' (though I admit neither of them makes any sense). Since the song is called 'Hungry like the Wolf', I read an interpretation somewhere which said that the two strongest senses of a wolf are smell and hearing. And hence 'smelling' and 'sounding'. But I guess it...
  2. Thomas Young

    The New New Quote Thread

    'If you can't fly, then run, If you can't run, then walk, If you can't walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.' -Martin Luther King Jr.
  3. Thomas Young

    How's the weather where you are?

    Humid and about to pour.
  4. Thomas Young

    Kids only want ninja shows?

    Don't they say, 'Once a ninja, always a ninja'? The same is the case with my kids too (especially the elder one). Making ninja sounds and prancing around the house is something she specializes in. And she is doing her best to teach her younger brother primitive versions of ninja sounds too; and...
  5. Thomas Young

    The breakfast cereal thread

    I adore Reese's Puffs - overloaded with Hershey's chocolate and peanut butter. And Kellogg's Special K is just plain awful.
  6. Thomas Young

    What song can you not get out of your head?

    Who? Who? Who? Who? WHO?
  7. Thomas Young

    The Most Annoying Kids Shows

    The Wiggles, for one. The four unemployed men in it aren't funny at all, at least I don't find them remotely entertaining. Then there's Timothy Goes to School. This one is also annoying, especially the raccoon who is meant to be the protagonist of the story. I know several parents think it is a...
  8. Thomas Young

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    The Where No One Goes track from DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie. Came to listen to it in the first place thanks to my son who loves playing these dragon games based on the same film. I must say John Powell has done a marvelous job with the soundtrack in this animated flick.
  9. Thomas Young

    You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if...

    YMBAOMF if: - Like Miss Piggy, you don't care what people think of you, unless they think you're awesome. In which case they are right. - You've got a dream too, but it's about singing and dancing and making people happy. That's the kind of dream that gets better the more people you share it...
  10. Thomas Young

    How's the weather where you are?

    Partly cloudy and windy, with the temperatures fluctuating between 17 degrees Celsius to 3 degrees Celsius.
  11. Thomas Young

    What would you be if you were a Muppet?

    Isn't it obvious?! :P I feel a little green most of the time; plus I can generally be found trying to organize chaos and get something done. Kermit it is!
  12. Thomas Young

    These are a few of my favorite things...

    These are a few of my favorite things! Favorite Actors: Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington, James Stewart (in a 'It's A Wonderful Life'), Gene Hackman, Kevin Spacey. Favorite Actresses: Meryl Streep (right at the top of the list!), Bette Davis, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Lange...
  13. Thomas Young

    The Saddest thing that reminds you that you're old...

    I have plenty of saddest things which make me feel old. - The Sonic character turned 23 years old last year. - The NIntendo DS came out more than 10 years ago. - If Bart Simpson was a real person who aged, he would be 36 years old today. - Kids in high school today were born before 2000. - And...
  14. Thomas Young

    "Peanuts" movie in development for November 2015 release

    Latest news on The Peanuts Movie: Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios celebrated 'Draw A Bird Day' on April 8 with a new video that featured director Steve Martino giving instructional tips for drawing Snoopy's fine-feathered pal, Woodstock!
  15. Thomas Young

    The "You know what?" thread

    I recently read an article which had many You Know What type of facts. Like these... Everyone has a unique tongue print, just like finger prints. The loneliest creature on earth is a whale who has been calling out for a mate for over two decades - but whose high pitched voice is so different to...
  16. Thomas Young

    How's the weather where you are?

    Humid and rainy at intervals, with lightning and thunder every now and then.
  17. Thomas Young

    The Muppets Meet Harry Potter

    Wonderfully written! I hate Umbridge too and I'm completely with you when you say you "want to do Muppet tortures on her". Do Do!
  18. Thomas Young

    Who's Your Favorite Hoob?

    Groove is my all-time favorite, Tula comes close second.