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    Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

    Can anyone e-mail me a good-quality MP3 of "Follow Me" (maybe from Fraggle Rockin')? I want to use it on a mix for my AmeriCorps team. E-mail is THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Developing New 'Little Shop of Horrors' Film

    Really? Watch 50/50 or (if you don't mind sitting through a movie that hates and fears women) 500 Days of Summer. More than nebbishy enough, just doesn't have glasses.
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    What was the last Henson thing you watched?

    The Lynn Redgrave episode of The Muppet Show... possibly my all-time favorite.
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    New Muppet movie in development for potential 2013 release

    I hope, though, that it isn't released next summer. I know it'd be great to have one so soon - but we don't want this thing to be rushed. They only just started writing.
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    Way into this. Bring it on!
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    Upcoming Disney Movies

    It's been in development for quite some time, though. I remember reading about Brave back when it was called The Bear and the Bow.
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    New Muppet movie in development for potential 2013 release

    This is what I've been saying. Hollywood's been wanting to remake It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World for a long time now - why not do it but with Muppets? It wouldn't be exactly the original plot (especially not that ending), but there's a way to do it. The only issue is that the Muppets would be...
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    Stupidity Just Won't Quit

    And yet, the world only spins forward.
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    Your Thoughts: "The Muppets" Theatrical Film

    Hard to tell on this forum of all places whether someone is kidding or not when they say they've watched the movie (probably) 432 times :)
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    Great Muppet Caper Four-Timer

    That's absolutely on purpose. I mean - there's not really any way of knowing, but I'm certain it is. Really clever joke, too. Jim really cared about the whole frame, and always threw as much as he could into it.
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    Video: Rowlf on "Our Place" July 1967

    Too cool! I'm a big Dick Shawn fan and I've never seen this. Thanks!
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    A conversation with Jim, Frank, and Micheal Frith

    I've always loved this chat. Turned these into MP3s a few years back and I listen to it whenever I need a bit of inspiration.
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    Anyone worried about the next generation?

    No, what NEEDS to happen is that this education needs to begin earlier. We need kids to begin learning right and wrong as soon as possible. We need to nurture them, help them understand, and most of all, show them that WE care.
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    Jim Henson's Memorial: What was your favorite part?

    I'll always love Harry Belafonte's speech and that rendition of "Turn the World Around."
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    Anyone worried about the next generation?

    I'm not going to say this isn't a problem - I come from an area where all of these things are things we have to deal with every day. But a) there's no "shooting or stabbing for the heck of it." It happens because people, especially young people, get scared. In Durham, North Carolina, many of the...
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    Will We EVER See Mystery Pee Wee Family Movie Paul Ruebens SAYS He's Working On

    We've got to give things like this time. Would you rather have a movie that was rushed into production and ended up being lackluster, or one that he spent a lot of time working on so it could be as good a movie as we all want? Also - don't worry about him going to jail, or dying. He's 59 and...
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    Any other obsessions?

    It's probably easier to say what my least favorite is. I love nearly all of the thirty-eight plays, but I just don't have the taste for Henry VIII, All's Well That Ends Well, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona. My favorite at the moment has to be A Midsummer Night's Dream, which I'm directing right...
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    Any other obsessions?

    Shakespeare. That's the only one that gets anywhere near the Muppets for me. To be honest, my love for Shakespeare might exceed my love for the Muppets - but it is a very close match.
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    "I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story" documentary in development

    WOW! What an incredible story! :wisdom:
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    S.U.D.S. on the Nerdist Channel

    This is... okay, but it's really a 10-year-old's idea of adult humor. The pimp made me chuckle a few times. Otherwise, probably skipping these.