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  1. JoeyMuppet

    Steve Whitmire Lecture/Workshop at the Center for Puppetry Arts

    My trip today, to see Steve Whitmire First of all, my mom and I left our house in Villa Rica, about 9 this morning, to see Steve Whitmire's Lecture/Puppetry Workshop. I really wish I could've told him this.. but I honestly loved getting to go to it, and getting to meet and puppeteer with him...
  2. JoeyMuppet

    Steve Whitmire Lecture/Workshop at the Center for Puppetry Arts

    Hey guys.. I got tickets for it several days ago. I live in Villa Rica, Ga so Atlanta is only about 40 min away from where I live. I'm planning on going to Steve's Lecture and Class.. the class I'm going to is the first one on the 9th, I think it's at 1pm. So, BarryLee and you other guys...
  3. JoeyMuppet

    Wanted: Kermit Pillowcase (1980)

    My Grandmother used to have that Pillow Case/Sheet set.. but I haven't seen it in several years. It could be on ebay.
  4. JoeyMuppet

    Your Thoughts: Kermit and Miss Piggy on America's Got Talent

    Well, I just finished watching the video of last night's appearence.. and I have acouple things to say. One is, I agree with Minor Muppetz and the rest of you, who said that they thought it sourt've sounded like Jim Henson's Kermit. Personally, I do like both Steve's and Jim's Kermit.. but...
  5. JoeyMuppet

    Beat Street-The Movie

    I'm sure most of you remember the Educational Youtube Series, that I started almost 3 yrs. ago "Beat Street".. Well, alittle while ago I came up with the idea of taking the format of Beat Street and turning it into a half-hour movie. I'm sorry, but this film won't be on YouTube.. it's probably...
  6. JoeyMuppet

    The ABBA Fanclub

    ABBA FANCLUB has found a New Home! This evening I moved my ABBA FANCLUB page to a new and improved blog website.. . And Yes, this is and was the blog website that "The Muppet Cast" is on. On the first post; I decided to tell what's been going on with the group "ABBA" during...
  7. JoeyMuppet

    How is Jerry Nelson doing?

    My Facebook Interview with Jerry Nelson You've heard of the podcast "Muppet Cast", right? Well I was wondering if I could do alittle "Facebook question/answer session" with you.. via e-mail. The following questions are from Muppet Central. 1. Jerry, in all of the years that you have worked for...
  8. JoeyMuppet

    How is Jerry Nelson doing?

    Thanks for that question, that's something I've been wondering aswell. But I will ask him that sometime soon, I just wanted to wait till I have atleast 5 or 6 questions.. I hope you don't mind.
  9. JoeyMuppet

    How is Jerry Nelson doing?

    Facebook Interview with Jerry Nelson I've decided to possibly do an Online Interview with Jerry. :search::smirk::batty: And I was wondering if you guys have any questions that you'd like him to answer.. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. Thank you.
  10. JoeyMuppet

    BEAT STREET- On Youtube

    Beat Street is Currently Canceled I'm thinking of possibily making a 3rd season of Beat Street, and I'd really like to hear your suggestions for the new episodes.. So far the seasons have had 3 to 4 episodes each. I'm thinking of making a channel on , for Beat Street. I recently...
  11. JoeyMuppet

    Beat Street on Facebook

    Hey guys. Y'all(or most of you) know about my tv show idea "Beat Street". Well Beat Street is still on youtube, but earlier this afternoon.. I made page on facebook, which is to advertise and talk about "Beat Street". I hope that any of you that like my youtube videos or my idea.. will hopefully...
  12. JoeyMuppet

    BEAT STREET- On Youtube

    Hey it's Joey again, I just uploaded another pretty great video to youtube... The song is by Kenny Chesney, "No shoes, No shirt, No problem". I filmed this video, tonight, around 7:00 pm est. I hope you guys like it. =)
  13. JoeyMuppet

    BEAT STREET- On Youtube

    Yeah, thanks Colby. I like that one too.. I'd never lypsynched to that song before last night, and I filmed the video around 9:10 pm est.
  14. JoeyMuppet

    BEAT STREET- On Youtube

    Hey guys... Well you know how I've been talking about and planning Beat Street for a long time now, well now you can finally see some of the videos for it... because IT'S NOW ON YOUTUBE !:crazy: I uploaded the two videos I've made with two of the puppets, so far(they're pretty good). If you...
  15. JoeyMuppet


    My birthday was August 1st.
  16. JoeyMuppet

    Gone with the Swine

    Sometime recently my dad thought of a movie the Muppets could do a parody of... "Gone with the Wind". I haven't thought of a script yet, but here's the cast for it. Kermit the Frog as Rhett Butler Miss Piggy as Scarlett O'Hara Janice as Mammy and, Pamela Hamderson as Prissy What do you...
  17. JoeyMuppet

    Music Video

    I've thought about that, I like that idea too, and I'll probrably do that when I make the video. =]
  18. JoeyMuppet

    Music Video

    Hey guys, Some or most of you may not already know that... other than being a puppeteer, I'm also a pretty good musician.. that I've been told. I can read music, but most of the time when I play my keyboard/synth I play by ear. Since I started playing music on it, a few years ago, I've...
  19. JoeyMuppet

    Our two new puppets

    I really like them.
  20. JoeyMuppet

    Great News!

    Well, I decided not to ask out Chelsea.. because her ex boyfriend still kind've loves her, and I didn't know that until acouple days ago. I had to read it on myspace.. So I figured that, know matter how hard I want to go out with her.. It just wouldn't work out. If he still loves her, I just...