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  1. Skywalker82

    Muppet Film and TV References

    What about American Werewolf in London? it has a clip from the Muppet Show
  2. Skywalker82

    Regular Show Series Talkback!

    Funny parody of a Henson classic and do you think Rigby should had said to him "You got no power over me"?
  3. Skywalker82

    Should Fraggle Rock be revived?

    That be nice
  4. Skywalker82

    Is there an overrated/underrated Muppet production?

    Muppets Take Manhattan: I always thought it was ok but give me the first 2 Muppet movies. Labyrinth: Don't kill me man! but i like this movie but i like The Dark Crystal more as i grew up with TDC but didn't see Labyrinth until i was 10 and thought it was fine but no where near as mature or...
  5. Skywalker82

    David Bowie dies at age 69

    That blows badly! he was quite a unique musician/artist/actor. He not only was Jareth but also in The Hunger, Prestige and more. RIP.
  6. Skywalker82

    We need Muppets in Kingdom Hearts

    Disney does own Muppet rights now and i think they should be a KH game with animal as a summon. Maybe have Miss Piggy as a fighter against the heartless and Doc Hopper as the villain and in a contraption.
  7. Skywalker82

    Who thinks Dark Crystal is an example why 1982 is a great year for movies?

    What was it about that year for being an incredible year for movies? i was born that year and my parents and big brother saw alot of stuff on the big screen. I mean so many derned good movies that came out like Blade Runner (my fave movie), E.T., The Thing, Poltergeist, Star Trek II, Fast Times...
  8. Skywalker82

    Labyrinth short comic in Boom's FCBD 2015

    That was cool
  9. Skywalker82

    The Star Wars episode

    Well there is other great episodes like Steve Martin, Paul Williams and others
  10. Skywalker82

    The Star Wars episode

    I mean in the future 34 years later Muppet Studio and Lucasfilm LTD would be owned by Disney and are reunited years later. Yup that episode of MB knew Marvel owned it and now Muppets and Marvel are disney owned too now.
  11. Skywalker82

    Jen looks like Steve Tyler

    Who else thinks so?
  12. Skywalker82

    The Star Wars episode

    Any thinks this episode was an eerie prediction of the future of Muppets and Lucasfilm LTD by the end of the episode?
  13. Skywalker82

    Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode VII coming in 2015

    Who else thought the Star Wars episode of Muppet Show was some kind of eerie prediction of the future of both the SW and Muppet franchsies? And Disney did wonders with Muppets and Marvel with next maybe SW/Indy
  14. Skywalker82

    Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode VII coming in 2015

    And maybe by 2020 Disney and Fox can join together to bring us the unmutilated cuts of the OT on blu-ray, restored and digitally remastered (without anymore tinkering) and can make us all happy
  15. Skywalker82

    Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode VII coming in 2015

    Do you think he ruined Indiana Jones too with that fourth movie?
  16. Skywalker82

    Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode VII coming in 2015

    Wouldn't it be nice to have an Indy movie where it ignores Kingdom?
  17. Skywalker82

    The Dark Crystal Community Forum

    Already joined!
  18. Skywalker82

    Uncle Deadly as Palpatine, Bean Bunny as Wicket figures announced

    Sounds awesome man, i can't wait
  19. Skywalker82

    Disney buying Lucasfilm, Star Wars Episode VII coming in 2015

    I'm very happy and excited Disney bought Lucasfilm! reasons? Lucas lost his touch in the late 90s to 2012 as he was so good in the 70s and 80s and got corrupted to the darkside for real and i believe he was tired of all the abuse he has been put through over the years for the SW prequels, Indy...
  20. Skywalker82

    Who'd love to see Muppets in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    I think that would be awesome now that Disney bought them and would be an interesting world as it would be Muppet Studios where Sweetums in by Sora, Donald and Goofy's side to save Kermit and Piggy from the Heartless with Tex Richman who later rides a Heartless made contraption to fight our...