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  1. PlaySoup

    Fun Christmas Video

    Here is a really cool parody of Justin Timberlake's song staring the SeaMonkey puppet singing "I'm Bringing Eggnog Back!"
  2. PlaySoup

    Building Mechanisms DVD available

    Sorry guys, Have been asked about this on private messages and should have shared this last Summer. Dave Privett has his third DVD of his building series out. Sketch to Show: Building Mechanisms Check it out at:
  3. PlaySoup

    Movable Eyebrows

    Mechanisms Guess what gang! Dave Privett has just finished his 3rd DVD in the series of building videos. the first was: Sketch to Show: Patterning a Puppet, the second was Skecth to Show: finishing a Puppet, and NOW the third is Sketch to Show: building Mechanisms. On here you WILL find his...
  4. PlaySoup

    Sketch to Show: Finishing a Puppet

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Part 2 of the DVD puppet building is now available at (June Privett)
  5. PlaySoup

    How to start making puppets?

    Sketch TO Show: Patterning a Puppet The DVD of taking your sketch to puppet shape that we were discussing last fall is now available.
  6. PlaySoup

    Dave Privett-

    Where to begin???? Hi everyone. This is my first post on Muppet Central. (You can blame my wife June... she's been hounding me to do this for awhile.) Part of the reason I've avoided posting to date is that the Muppets in general hold no particular fascination for me, other than as a...