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  1. theSHE124

    Remembering Jim Henson, 34 years after May 16, 1990

    🌈 Still chasing rainbows here...He created a way to make puppetry effective for television. And looking back at any BTS, production and collaboration was just so energetic! I always wanted to work in a studio just like that. It's difficult to do distance collabs even with able releases like the...
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    50 Essential Disney theater stuff: A Disney 100 lineup

    Ok, since the outbreak of Covid-19, me and my movie buddies created out own little club on video chats to discuss whatever we watched ahead of time. It's like a book club, but we're watching cartoons, old and new alike. :smile: An old friend of mine really, really wanted to do a year-long list...
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    September 24: Celebrating Jim Henson and Steve Whitmire

    I'm back to wish Happy Birthdays! :smile::smile:
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    Muppet Tiers on Stumptmas

    Stumptmas is on its 3rd day, but y'all can use the link above to playback the 1st of Day 2 whenever they're not on air?line?stream?. Ash and Jazz were rating Muppets based on roommate eligibility [from "Best Friend" to most likely to "Murdered Me". "They'll burn down the house!" was the best...
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    Muppet Tiers on Stumptmas

    Today, Stumpt players Ash and Jazz have taken the challenge of creating a tier of [whatever topic they want] for the Muppets of the TMS. I mean, it's happening right now! :concern: StumptGamers - Twitch Also, Stumpt is doing Stumptmas this month, and you don't need to have a Twitch account to...
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    Roaring Bear: An Animated Short on YouTube (that I worked on)

    After many months, 3Point Animation has launched its 2nd cartoon, but it's the 1st to be distributed on YouTube. :excited: I worked on at least 2/3 on the short (phew!), but my business partner, Jordan White, has made animatics/storyboards of his favorite campfire ghost stories in the past, yet...
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    September 24: Celebrating Jim Henson and Steve Whitmire

    HAPPY FROG DAY! :smile::smile::smile: Celebrate both birthdays by posting your ribbits here!
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    The Muppets on Holey Moley Season 4 Episode 10 on Tuesday July 12, 2022

    I can understand the limitations of Muppet interaction with the course. It's hard to do a Muppet takeover on anything ABC-related. Kermit on the booth was the best highlight. Even Joe and Rob loved the frog's quick on the quips. The one thing I don't get is what happened to Stephen Curry and...
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    RIP Emilio Delgado

    Hello, MC. Today is my birthday. I haven't been on the forum as much lately, usually because I don't wanna be swayed with any side of criticism, like a wembler! :coy: However, it's special threads like recent tributes that reminds me I'm grateful for such organic, creative groups of people that...
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    RIP Bob Saget

    I was watching America's Funniest Home Videos on ABC. During the prize money announcings, the preemptive news was made for that minute! #irony :eek: :concern: :sympathy:💔
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    Happy Birthday D'Snowth

  12. theSHE124

    RIP Charles Grodin

    :oops: What color are his hands now?? ...That's the second-best I can think of. Datman's post is way better!
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    Remembering Jim Henson, 31 years after May 16, 1990

    Keep believing, keep pretending...:smile:
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    RIP Billie Hayes

    It's time to pass the bread...
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    Sesame Street Documentary "Sesame Street: 50 Years of Sunny Days"

    I didn't know a Muppet designer would be proud of Julia's appearance on SS. She even had an autistic daughter she struggled to raise. I'm touched by that the most, as it makes me wonder if I ever hurt my mom's feelings just because of my childhood eating habits... I know how much y'all wanted...
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    RIP Alex Trebek

    The eggs CRACKED me up when I saw the video above! :laugh: Anyway, there's a channel on my cable provider called Buzzr, and they did a special marathon tribute with another game show Alex hosted, Classic Concentration. 1st time I watched that, one guy somehow guesses the rebus wrong, "I Am Not...
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    September 24: Celebrating Jim Henson and Steve Whitmire

    HAPPY FROG DAY! Post your ribbits[:smile:] to promote awareness to amphibians everywhere. Keep yo hands clean for not just human health, but frogs, too!
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    Happy Birthday D'Snowth

    Happy Birthday D'snowth!!! :smile:
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    Remembering Jim Henson, 30 years after May 16, 1990

    Read my story here I always have days when I just want to draw something new. May 16th is one of them. I wonder what it'll be this time... ✏ :smile:
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    Remembering Caroll Spinney (December 26, 1933-December 8, 2019)

    I may have been the only 1 in my family to recognize Caroll in SS 50th, but they enjoyed it in each way, like how my youngest sis said surprisedly, "Big Bird! You -- bezazzled the sign!" :wisdom: & Snuffy BFFS