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  1. Hayley B

    Photobucket Ransoming Users Accounts

    Now, Photobucket is giving me emails saying I'm over the limit. When I was only 18% and won't let me in unless I pay money. Have to keep Imgur in handy.
  2. Hayley B

    Last movie you watched

    Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  3. Hayley B

    Last movie you watched

    I did too last night . Forgot to post about it.
  4. Hayley B

    Happy Birthday, The Count!

    Happy Birthday. Thanks for taking care of this forum for all these years.
  5. Hayley B

    Last movie you watched

    The Sound of Music
  6. Hayley B

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    This... :):laugh:
  7. Hayley B

    RIP Penny Marshall

    Thanks for the laughs from your show and giving us such memorable movies. R.I.P
  8. Hayley B

    R.I.P. Ken Berry (1933-2018)

    I knew him as Vinton Harper from Mama's Family first. Rest in peace to him.
  9. Hayley B

    RIP Stephen Hillenburg

    R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg. :(
  10. Hayley B

    Stan Lee dead at 95

    R.I.P to him. Could had seen him. But unfortunately that was the Awesome Con I had to miss out. (Brother's wedding) . Just wasn't meant to be.
  11. Hayley B

    Happy Birthday, Oscarfan!

    Happy Birthday
  12. Hayley B

    Have you met any celebrities?

    For her I never got to meet. But she surprisingly and kindly gave me this autograph through the mail.
  13. Hayley B

    Have you met any celebrities?

    I was about to say, I can't pick because I loved everyone I came to meet. But I loved meeting Rob Paulsen . I'm a huge fan of Animaniacs and meeting him is like becoming an instant friend with him. He gives great hugs when saying goodbye to him too.
  14. Hayley B

    Have you met any celebrities?

    I met her during in my teens. She came to a mall in Delaware (Dover Mall). I got an autograph and got to shake her hand. She was very nice and such an delight. I just wish I met her when I was a bit older like now.
  15. Hayley B

    Your Favorite Song From Sesame Street

    Sesame Street theme (old version) C is for Cookie Sing The People in your Neighborhood That's all I can think of right now.
  16. Hayley B

    Have you met any celebrities?

    William Shatner Adam West John Boyega Michael Dorn Tom Welling Rene Auberjonois Ben Savage Burt Ward Matthew Lewis Georgina Haig Robin Lord Taylor Rob Paulsen Jess Harnell Jim Cummings Billy West John DiMaggio Grey Delisle Susan (from Sesame Street) Maurice Lamarche Barry Gordon Townsend Coleman
  17. Hayley B

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    This was like 10 years ago. But back during my only visit to Hollywood. I took a picture of Burt Reynolds' Star back then. R.I.P. Burt Reynolds.
  18. Hayley B

    Happy birthday, Sesamemuppetfan!

    Happy Birthday!
  19. Hayley B

    The new What Made You Smile Today thread

    Thank you. It was my very first time. I only wish I didn't wait this long to finally go visit. All I keep thinking right now. Is maybe I'll do Disney World one year and then Universal the next.
  20. Hayley B

    Happy Birthday Xerus!

    I would like to to wish Xerus a very Happy Birthday today. You might know Xerus as Cullen. Cullen has been such a great social friend of mine. I believe we didn't even get to know each other even in this forum. Thank you Cullen for the wonderful drawings when it's my birthday turn and I hope you...