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  1. Vic Romano

    The Making of The Great Muppet Mural

    Hey everyone! I made a documentary about ToughPigs 20th Anniversary centerpiece: The Great Muppet Mural and I’d love for you to check it out! Here’s part I.
  2. Vic Romano

    The breakfast cereal thread

    I thought this was fantastic.
  3. Vic Romano

    Official: New Fraggle Rock full-length series in development, Classic Fraggle Rock arrives on AppleTV+

    I heard John Tartanglia is doing Gobo but I don't know how factual that info is.
  4. Vic Romano

    MuppetFest: 20 Years Later...

    I wasn't there, but I do have memories of putting in some serious effort to make a second one happen I think 10 years ago? Such a cool thing that I wish could happen again.
  5. Vic Romano

    Toffe Muppet Fan Art

    All your art is SO fantastic!!!
  6. Vic Romano

    TheWeirdoGirl Tries To Draw Muppets

    These are great!
  7. Vic Romano

    10 Years of The Muppets (2011)

    Aidan Elizabeth did a really cool retrospective of this on YouTube recently and I thought it was really cool to get a younger fan's perspective on it.
  8. Vic Romano

    The “What did you do today?” thread

    Today I logged into MC for the first time in a long time and it was really nice to see how little the place has changed! So neat to see so much familiar and fun stuff!
  9. Vic Romano

    Old School MC Reunion - Just Because

    It was a LOT of work, and I only participated in the design and layout of the awards. I think a lot of the nostalgia (for me) surrounding MC is that it was a right place, right time event. It can't be duplicated again, but at the time, this was the most fun place ever. I can't believe I joined...
  10. Vic Romano

    Old School MC Reunion - Just Because

    I actually still have all my old MC award PSD files and the two awards I won the year I wasn't able to do it. The ironic thing is thanks to Facebook, I actually forgot a lot of people's old MC names and only know them by their REAL names now!
  11. Vic Romano

    Old School MC Reunion - Just Because

    Old school, wow, we ARE old school! And to think I used to think so many others on here were old school! I even dusted off my scrap book for the reunion. How's THIS for old school?
  12. Vic Romano

    My Muppets

    Some seriously cool stuff!
  13. Vic Romano

    Your Thoughts: "Jim Henson: The Biography" by Brian Jay Jones

    What I love about the book is how human it makes Jim. It makes me love him more. Very powerful and just an outstanding piece of literature.
  14. Vic Romano

    Lady Piggy draws Miss Piggy

    Very cool. Love the eyes!
  15. Vic Romano

    Your Thoughts: Jim Henson's Musical World at Carnegie Hall

    Bad as in both, but the sound is even worse than the video. My camera picks up way too much ambient noise. :( I was waiting out front with my family about 10 feet from you. Not to repost for repostings sake, but this is me:
  16. Vic Romano

    Stuffed and Unstrung Spring Tour

    I saw a lot of people on FB went and I wish I knew about it too. I sure hope they do another show here again soon.
  17. Vic Romano

    Your Thoughts: Jim Henson's Musical World at Carnegie Hall

    Not really, and what I filmed came out so bad, so I won't post it, but believe me, it's a bad recording. That was you?! Obviously I took notice of the hat, but I saw you there and overheard you talking and thought, "This guy HAS to be from some site because he knows his stuff." I would have...
  18. Vic Romano

    Your Thoughts: Jim Henson's Musical World at Carnegie Hall

    I have a funny story about MelissaY1 from that day: Her and I were talking and catching up. She had told me she had seen Jerry earlier. All of a sudden, she kicks my leg and yells, "Dave!" and points behind me just in time to see Jerry! I got to meet him and get a picture with him thanks to...
  19. Vic Romano

    Happy Birthday Angie!

    Happy Birthday, Angie!
  20. Vic Romano

    TV Alert: Stuffed and Unstrung on The Celebrity Apprentice Sunday April 15

    I was at the taping and they cut a LOT. Clay Aiken was IMO the best celebrity puppeteer, but the Henson puppeteers really made the show. They saved a lot of the awkward or poorer moments. I wish they had showed more footage of the actual show.