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  1. JJ

    FS: Muppets Autographs!

    private message me please!
  2. JJ

    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    Hi Everyone! I've spent some great amount of time on here reading all your posts but have never really posted! I'm from Los Angeles and have been a Muppets fan for over 30 years!
  3. JJ

    FS: Muppets Autographs!

    Hi There everybody, I've run into some unexpected personal expenses in the last few months that seem to be never ending. Sadly this means I need to part with a few of the many great autographs I've gotten from Muppeteers! Please let me know if anyone is interested via direct message… These...
  4. JJ

    Need Help: Signed Muppet Show Album

    Post photos so we can give you a value!
  5. JJ

    Muppet Babies Live rowlf banner wanted

    Been trying to track one of these down for awhile now… Will pay top price!
  6. JJ

    Animal collar replica from the Muppet Movie

    Does anyone have one of these they'd be willing to part with? I'd be willing to trade a prop from the movie that came out last year. Please email me.