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  1. jediX

    My Pet Monster

    I too loved that crazy video and wanted one of the actual monsters. I'm pretty certain that I never saw the tape until the early 199s and by then the toys were already out of the stores. I remember that back then (and probably still now) they used to heavily plug the toy tie-ins to the videos...
  2. jediX

    Creepiest Movie Ever!

    As for "weird with a lack of nudity and/or gore" I nominate "Moulin Rouge." I only watched it because a girl I liked was a big fan, and that one time was more than enough for me. ...yeah. Its not so much violence in horror movies that weirds me out but rather naked old people (why do they...
  3. jediX

    What Happened to DVD Afacinado?

    They're now. Somewhere there's an option to migrate your collection from the old site, which I did.
  4. jediX

    'Simpsons' Stunt Turns 7-11 Stores Into Kwik-E-Mart

    I just got back from the Denver one -- I'll have pics up soon.
  5. jediX

    'Simpsons' Stunt Turns 7-11 Stores Into Kwik-E-Mart

    There's one pretty close to me, I'm so going there.
  6. jediX

    Do you have a Muppet fan site?

    Theoretically. I started a JHH guide back before tvtome became, then migrated my guides over to my site--though I haven't updated or added anything new in a couple of years due to a lack of public interest.
  7. jediX

    Insomnia Cafe

    I guess I do, though that could be from sleeping in until 2pm...
  8. jediX

    I get married in 2 days!

    Well there sure were some interesting moments, such as when her husband (its going to take a while to get used to saying that) went for the garter belt and pulled out a pair of big black grannie panties, then some kids were playing with them. That was rather... interesting. Katie had me film...
  9. jediX


    Bribe people. ;)
  10. jediX

    The 1st (and Hopefully Not Last) MC Talent Show 2007 Please don't distribute this file. If you would like a copy to download for yourself, PM me and I can link you.
  11. jediX

    The 1st (and Hopefully Not Last) MC Talent Show 2007

    I'll get my entry up sometime today. I want to convert it to a non-distributable format first. And yes, I realize my text is underlined--it won't let me take it out of underline.
  12. jediX

    The 1st (and Hopefully Not Last) MC Talent Show 2007

    Alright, the cutoff is finished. I have three received entries that I'll be uploading and will have links up tomorrow.
  13. jediX

    The 1st (and Hopefully Not Last) MC Talent Show 2007

    Katie has asked me to host files if anyone needs such a service. I'll also have my entry up tomorrow: a hard rock medley of every song from the first Super Mario Bros. video game.
  14. jediX

    You are a long-time MC member if...

    -If virtually none of the people you know as "MC Friends" post here anymore or have disappeared off the face of the Earth. -If you remember when dozens of people stole Phil's Kermit avatar on April Fool's 2004 after Kevin (fish) and I did.
  15. jediX

    Please... Pray for her

    Give me a call whenever you have a moment...:sympathy:
  16. jediX

    The 1st (and Hopefully Not Last) MC Talent Show 2007

    Where's the category for metal versions of "Castlevania" music? Drats...
  17. jediX

    I finally got Sweetums!

    Woo, viva figures. Glad to help. For a while there, I didn't know if the PM even got through. Speaking of, has there been any thread here to brag, er, I mean, share Muppet figure displays?
  18. jediX

    Yet another video greeting from Colorado

    I would just do this into flash like Youtube does video but I don't want to buy a converter, so try what has been working: a direct link to the file.
  19. jediX

    Your Thoughts: Big Bird on Deal or No Deal

    It was just to psych out the guy that was afraid of him, not much more. Still pretty funny to see him just walk onto a game show, though.
  20. jediX

    Yet another video greeting from Colorado

    Bah. I don't trust youtube, so I don't put my own videos on there--I like to know that when things are deleted, that they're gone and not stuck on a backup server somewhere...hence why I prefer to host my videos. Aside from random people watching me, that's slightly disturbing. Other people...