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  1. SpookyMania

    Morning with the Muppets

    The panel was really fascinating! First a video was shown (sort of a Muppets greatest hits kind of thing, which included clips from the so-far-unseen Pigs in Space viral videos), then Kermit was introduced for a one-on-one interview with the moderator. After that, they introduced Fozzie, asked...
  2. SpookyMania

    ABC officially cancels "The Muppets"

    I was really holding out hope that The Muppets would return for another season, but alas. This really has got to be the dumbest move ABC could've made. The show had gotten so good and it never got a chance to relish in the quality it amassed toward the end of its life. Sorry, Muppets. Hopefully...
  3. SpookyMania

    Morning with the Muppets

    Got my tickets! This'll be my first time seeing any of the Muppets in person. I cannot WAIT!! :)
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    The Muppets Episode 7 - Pig's in a Blackout

    So far, this has been the most Muppet-y episode to come from this show and I loved it. I was quite fond of the first couple episodes to air, some of the recent ones were pretty middle-of-the-road to me, but this actually felt like the Muppets. I loved it. And I didn't really mind Rowlf swearing...
  5. SpookyMania

    The Muppets Episode 1 - Pig Girls Don't Cry (Pilot)

    I thought it was a pretty strong first outing. I didn't love it like I thought I would, but I think that since the episode felt so rushed (because of commercials), there was a lot of stuff I missed. The adult humor didn't bother me; it really wasn't "perverted" or too "risque". The final scenes...
  6. SpookyMania

    Kermit and Miss Piggy Officially Split!

    There's a better shot in the article where she looks a little better but that shot... I think it's the size of the eyes. They're ridiculously disproportionate and it makes her looks, yeah, like a puppet. Here's hoping she has a talented performer taking over.
  7. SpookyMania

    Kermit and Miss Piggy Officially Split!

    Looks like Kermit's been seen with another woman! (All joking aside, the new Denise puppet looks... no...) (source)
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    Your Thoughts: "I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story"

    I dunno, I had pretty good luck when I bought it. I ordered it directly to the store because they don't ask for any money down and you can see if there's any damage to the case before you pay for it. There also was no S+H fee. They just asked for my email and said I'd hear from them in a week...
  9. SpookyMania

    Your Thoughts: "I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story"

    It'll have to be ordered. They told me it won't be available in the stores otherwise.
  10. SpookyMania

    Your Thoughts: "I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story"

    Barnes and Noble may not have it immediately in the store but they can order it in. That's how I got my copy.
  11. SpookyMania

    Video: "The Muppets" Official ABC Pitch Reel

    Yes. A million times, yes. That was great!!
  12. SpookyMania

    Kermit and Walter at YouTube Space LA

    That was great! I love Bobo.
  13. SpookyMania

    Special Preview of The Muppets 2015 TV Show

    This should come to Philly. We have been devoid of Muppets for far too long.
  14. SpookyMania

    Frank Oz and Dave Goelz lend their voices to Inside Out

    Just got back from the movie (which was great by the way). I may have been the only one in the theatre cracking up when I heard Oz's and Goelz's voices on the screen. Oz is unmistakable, but their cameos are very brief. But if you pay attention to every character voice (like I do), you'll hear...
  15. SpookyMania

    Funny Boy: The Richard Hunt Biography by Jessica Max Stein

    Sorry if there's already a topic about this, but I'm sure plenty of people here would love to know that a Richard Hunt biography is in the works! There's some information about it here: There's no release date as of yet, but I'm extremely excited for this. I...
  16. SpookyMania

    Remembering Jim Henson, 25 years after May 16, 1990

    Jim Henson passed away a year before I was born. My parents raised me on all of his works--starting with Sesame Street, then Fraggle Rock, moving me up to the Muppet movies, then Dinosaurs, and more. The Christmas Toy was annual viewing in my house, as was our VHS tape of Christmas Eve on Sesame...
  17. SpookyMania

    Your Thoughts: "I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story"

    Just got back from seeing the movie this afternoon. What a treat this was. Today is already sort of bittersweet--this being the anniversary of Henson's passing and all--and when it got to that point in the movie... Niagra Falls. Mr. Spinney is such a fantastic talent that everyone needs to know...
  18. SpookyMania

    Video: "The Muppets" Official ABC Trailer

    Yeah, the timeline doesn't really make any sense. After doing a movie in which the Muppets need Piggy to put on a show, we now have a TV show with the same basic idea and same title? Very strange.
  19. SpookyMania

    Video: "The Muppets" Official ABC Trailer

    Kermit dating other pigs is a little weird. I really hope that they don't mess up Kermit and Piggy. I'm all for growth and character development, but not changing the characters completely. That said, there seems to be a large amount of Gonzo in this trailer and hopefully in the pilot. Good. We...
  20. SpookyMania

    Video: "The Muppets" Official ABC Trailer

    Personally, I can't wait. The humor lands that fine balance between being great for adults while still being able to be enjoyed by kids. The mockumentary style doesn't bother me one bit; as long as we get behind-the-scenes glimpses of the Muppets trying to put on a show, that'll be good enough...