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  1. mupvisiongirl

    Reinstating the book club!

    Yes! And I wil moderate if no one else wants to- have we decided on a book- you all want to vote? :excited:
  2. mupvisiongirl

    Reinstating the book club!

    Hey kids! Remember how we were all supposed to read "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" for the MC book club, yeah I was a slacker too. But I think we should reinstate the MC book club, anyone who wants to do it just say "aye"! I was thinking of either reading "The Wizard of Oz" since it was...
  3. mupvisiongirl

    Importance of I'm Going to Go Back There Someday

    See, I think it fits perfectly in TMM- and is one of my favorite moments from any muppet movie. I think it fits so well because it's such a meloncholy moment for the muppets at that time, they are stranded out in the desert and it doesn't look like thier dream of singing, dancing and making...
  4. mupvisiongirl

    Favorite Avenue Q song

    Everyone's a Little Bit Racist is my favorite, hands down. Mostly because I laughed SO hard the first time I heard it, it was just such an upexpected song for me. My Girlfriend Who Lives In Canada is a great one just because it makes me giggle.
  5. mupvisiongirl

    Anyone into the Christopher Guest films?

    I'm a HUGE fan of Christopher Guests work, i think my all time favorite is probably Best In Show- just because the character development is so great in that one. Waiting for Guffman is pretty high on my list as well
  6. mupvisiongirl

    Muppet Show DVD's on clearance until June 30

    Hiya! These are full episodes and are beautiful! I highly recomend them!
  7. mupvisiongirl

    Red Messenger Bag!

    I'm not sure what company makes it exactly- I do know that I've seen quite a few of those cute little bags at Claire's in the mall :excited:
  8. mupvisiongirl

    Avenue Q wins Best Musical, Score and Book

    I was super excited when Avenue Q won- I really wasn't expecting it to win so many awards because it is so different, so yay for that! I've been hearing rumors of a national tour of ave q.... And I was super happy that Assasins won- I love Sondheim! :flirt:
  9. mupvisiongirl

    Under the Spell of Ms. Noodle

    YAY! I lurv Kristin Chenoweth so this makes me all sorts of happy. I think she'd be hilarious as the nosey neighbor in bewitched :flirt:
  10. mupvisiongirl

    Lewis Black's HBO Special

    I think he's really funny- but I always worry that he'll have a heart attack when he's doing his stand up because he is so high strung! :crazy:
  11. mupvisiongirl


    I've read the book and seen the musical, it's really an awesome book! And the musical rocks my world- I highly recomend it :flirt:
  12. mupvisiongirl

    MC Book Of The Month Discussion

    The next time I'm in an argument with someone, I think I'll go lay down in the mud- it seems to be most effective. ;) So the book is checked out at my local library, I went and read chapter one at a bookstore the other night and am actually really enjoying the book. I'm really liking the...
  13. mupvisiongirl

    MC Book Of The Month Discussion

    I'm starting the book tonight after my work meeting- man, the time really flew by....see how well I procrastinate? I'll have some great random comments all ready to go by tomorrow-ish :D
  14. mupvisiongirl

    Happy birfday, Byron! :D

    Have a great birthday! :flirt:
  15. mupvisiongirl

    New Sesame Street picture frames

    I think the amazing mumford frame is pretty durn cool! :flirt:
  16. mupvisiongirl

    Muppet Air Freshers

    I have the animal one, it kinda smells like strawberry pez. But I love pez, so I'm more than happy to have my car smell like candy :halo:
  17. mupvisiongirl

    Winnie the Pooh at WDW

    I've been on it at WDW and DL, it's a cute enough ride. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had been younger when I rode it. I'm not such a fan of the one at DL because it replaced the country bear jamboree which was always one of my favorite attractions.
  18. mupvisiongirl

    Happy Easter MC!!

    I hope everyone's Easter is full of love, family and all the peeps you can eat! I love those little marchmallow guys :flirt:
  19. mupvisiongirl

    New Count Von Count Muppet Poster

    Man, I *heart* that count poster. It would be functional for me since I'm not really all that hot at math.
  20. mupvisiongirl

    Another stupid parental review

    Ok- from a Sesame fans point of view, Born To Add is super cute and fun. (With the exception of I am Chicken, I have no love for that song). The whole CD is really upbeat and sometimes I listen to it when I work out- I totally recomend it :sing: