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    Sesame Street Episode 847 with Margaret Hamilton

    Everybody has been waiting to see 847, even me. I'm certain Sesame Workshop still has it. I wonder what were the sponsors of 847, but I'm pretty sure that the number sponsor was a number between seven and ten.
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    The closing themes of Sesame Street

    IIRC, it's the one from season 32.
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    Seasons 32-34

    The only times that the zero segment has appeared was in Plaza Sesamo and Sesamstrasse. The episodes that appeared with the three bears were episode 4015 and 4050.
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    Seasons 32-34

    According to Muppet Wiki, it is from episode 4019.
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    New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

    I am from Muppet Wiki. I am a big fan of Sesame Street. I like the classic Sesame Street, but all I have to say that Sesame Street got terrible in 2007. I am also interested in Sesamstrasse, 5 Rue Sesame and of course, Plaza Sesamo.