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    Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube

    If the person who posted episode 678 is on here, I thank you! I've been wanting to hear that song again for a long time, like, 49 years.
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    What Oscar's done to avoid being bothered

    Wow, it was only 16 short years ago that I posted a description of this scene (fourth point above). I concede that it was Maria, not Susan, who brought the baby over.
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    "Sesame Street" Muppets in other TV shows

    Big Bird appeared in an episode of The Electric Company (original series), talking to Fargo North. Of course, TEC was produced by the same company, so I'm not sure if that counts. Big Bird also appeared once on Mr. Rogers, in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
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    In honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing…

    The thread-starter has appeared on YouTube!!
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    Don Music Has a Little Dreidel

    How would Don Music handle the song "I Have a Little Dreidel"? Setting: Kermit the Frog appears in Don Music's studio. Don is playing the piano in the background. Kermit: Hi ho, this is Kermit the Frog here, and we’re here at the studio of Don Music who is busy writing a song for the Hanukkah...
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    The Official "I'm looking for/trying to remember a sketch" thread

    Who remembers, from the early-70s, a stop-motion sequence of a model apartment house being built? Narrated by an unseen man and boy, the first thing that was done was to remove all the trees "and then make a biiiiiig hole". Each construction activity on the model was described by the man, then...
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    Mr. Hooper's Last episode

    According to this link, Mr. Hooper only appeared in 156 episodes. That averages to, what, a dozen episodes a season? Seems a little hard to believe. The full quote is
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    Sesame Street Episode 847 with Margaret Hamilton

    When David, Maria, and the kids exit the store to escape the interior precipitation, note that there are 4 comic books posted in the door's window. On the top row, starting from the right, the comics are: Archie 248 (the "flagship" title for Archie Comics Publications) Sad Sack 247 (by Harvey...
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    Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube

    This same prop, or at least one very similar, appeared in two episodes from the mid-70s. In one episode, the huge trash can appeared as part of the show's plot, but I'm really not sure how it figured in (I don't think it was related to Oscar). But in the final scene, Oscar was happily inside...
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    Little things we've noticed

    Google "claw foot bathtub". These were pretty much standard from the mid-19th Century, but they began to disappear in the early 20th. The built-in tub dominated post-WWII home construction, though the freestanding tubs are making something of a comeback in a post-modern sort of way.
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    Bert and Ernie Flooded Apartment segments

    There's one sketch from the mid-70s where Ernie gets ready to go to the laundromat. It's where Ernie fills up the laundry basket with all manner of toys and such so there's no room for the laundry itself. The location is not made clear; Bert does ask if "...there's a basketball court down...
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    Hanna-Barbera sound effects on Sesame Street"

    That animation where the numbers 1 through 20 are each eliminated in a different manner. H-B effects are notable on 3, 6, and 14.
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    Classic episodes you want to see

    My list would be Episode 227, Cookie Monster fills Hooper's store with cookie boxes. Season 2 (All-time favorite episode) Episode 273, Bob narrates the show in a pre-dawn scene. Season 2 Episode 302. Big Bird gets a gift that rhymes with note (goat boat coat). Season 3 Episode 305, Big Bird...
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    The Official "I'm looking for/trying to remember a sketch" thread

    Anyone remember when Sam the Robot showed off his audio-synthesis abilities, and did so just a wee bit too accurately? One of the sounds Sam makes is that of a telephone ringing. David, who is minding Mr. Hooper's store, races to answer the phone, but alas, no one is on the line. Sam then...
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    The Official "I'm looking for/trying to remember a sketch" thread

    Thanks Oscarfan!! That sounds like exactly the episode I described. Of course, a few details are off, such as it being Grover rather than Farley (unless that was just the original story treatment and it really was Farley), but it's been almost half a century.
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    The Official "I'm looking for/trying to remember a sketch" thread

    Does anyone remember when Farley (or a similar little-boy Muppet) literally pushed Susan and Gordon's refrigerator to the Fix-it Shop? The scene started in the kitchen inside the 123 tenement. Susan opens the fridge and is upset to find that the light did not go on when she opened the door...
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    Joe Raposo's song "Takes a lot of little nuts to make a jar of peanut butter"

    Who remembers a different film about making peanut butter? From the early '70s, this was narrated by some (off-camera) kids, similar to the ones about making cars or chewing gum. One line that sticks out was "The jars are on a merry-go-round", followed by a lengthy sequence of jars being...
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    Months mentioned on Sesame Street segments?

    There was that "J" animation where some guy gets in trouble for capturing a junebug.
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    Little things we've noticed

    From the "Mad Painter" 11 skit. I think I've identified the magazine that the painter was holding, upside-down, to hide from the nurse before painting the 11 on the door. It was the July, 1971 issue of Seventeen magazine.
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    Months mentioned on Sesame Street segments?

    Does a "mondegreen" count? When Ernie counted the cupcakes he made, he said (or so it sounded like) "Seven, January, homemade cuppycakes". Yes, I (now) know that he actuallly said "genuine".