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    Sesame Street on Ice

    Does anyone have videos or photos from the Sesame Street segment of the 1978 Holiday on Ice show? This image on Muppet Wiki shows a page from the program with several promo images, and I need to know if the scenes as pictured were featured in the actual show.
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    Could Between the Lions ever come back?

    Yes, I remember that part of the Percy Jackson books. And yes, I'm the same Buzzfan120 from Fandom and CLG Wiki/AVID!
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    Seeking Esskay commercials

    I don't know if the "Classic Muppets" forum is the right forum for Sam and Friends-related posts, but I'm seeking several Esskay commercials that were rediscovered in 2016 at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York, in a presentation entitled "Henson in High Definition: The Early Years". The...
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    Sony Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures Merger

    Inside the Magic is not a trustworthy source.
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    Could Between the Lions ever come back?

    Yes, indeed I am! That's why Julia is my favorite Muppet.
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    Could Between the Lions ever come back?

    I'm going to be honest here...I did not like Between the Lions as a little kid. In fact, I used to be afraid to watch PBS Kids because I was afraid Between the Lions would come on at any random moment. And the reason for that may seem pretty dumb to you, but please don't make fun of me because...
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    Seeking street scenes from international SS co-productions

    Those who contribute to Muppet Wiki might know me from there, but for those of you who don't, I'm a long-time contributor who loves to help out in any way I can. All-American Sesame fan, also interested in the international co-productions. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there has images...
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    What sketches scared you as a kid?

    OK, confession time. I know this might sound kind of stupid, but please don't make fun of me because it's really not that funny. Anyway, here goes.... When I was little, I had the "Elmo in Grouchland Sing and Play" tape, but I HATED to watch it because I was TERRIFIED of the opera version of "C...