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  1. Baby Animal

    Henson sells Muppets to Disney

    The only way this will be any good is if Comcast and Steve Jobs are successful in getting Eisner out as CEO. And even then, it won't be good. Phil, do you foresee any problems with copyrights with Disney owning "The Muppets"? Are they going to come after the site?
  2. Baby Animal

    Comcast makes $54 billion hostile bid to buy Disney

    The one thing I have heard that may happen if Comcast takes over Disney is that they can get rid of Eisner. That would be worth it all. Maybe Roy would come back :) I wish I owned some Disney stock right now.
  3. Baby Animal

    The dark day of Valentines Day is upon us...

    Aren't they horney toads?
  4. Baby Animal

    Fun-4-All may produce Sesame Street Action Figures

    I would definately go for a Mandy Paquin figure as Huxley. Then we could customize him to make him Inigo Montoya.
  5. Baby Animal

    Fun-4-All may produce Sesame Street Action Figures

    I'm still thinking we've been spoiled by Ken and Palisades. From what I've heard, when the Muppet line was starting, Ken was here constantly answering questions, as he does now at the Palisades boards. If you really want to get the people behind your product, be available. I think Ken is...
  6. Baby Animal

    Fun-4-All may produce Sesame Street Action Figures

    Of course, if you really feel like it, you can AIM DjExactor. He's on right now.
  7. Baby Animal

    Happy Birthday: Muppet Central's 6th Anniversary

    Well, my first Muppet Central memory was the find the cake contest last year. I stumbled on the page and started reading the forums. This was great. I remember everyone cheering for Sarah to find one of the cakes. I also remember finding the cake once about 10 seconds too late. Man, my heart...
  8. Baby Animal

    Repaint Koozebane Kermit on the way!
  9. Baby Animal

    An interesting Wedding

    Little do you know that orange and black stripes are a sign of aggression in the Orient. They were just protecting themselves. But not to muffin, congrats on the marraige. Hope it's going well.
  10. Baby Animal

    An interesting Wedding

    You know, most people in costumes are really great people. Then there's others who deserve to be beat through their costumes. I won't make any judgements of the above person on worthyness :)
  11. Baby Animal

    Fun-4-All may produce Sesame Street Action Figures

    Well, I thought it was less crude than what they actually think they have us by.
  12. Baby Animal

    Fun-4-All may produce Sesame Street Action Figures

    For $15, are these in scale with the Muppets line or with the Megas line? How can you justify spending $15 on something 6' tall if it is nowhere near the quality of the Muppets figures which are $10 ($9 at Target)? They think they have the Sesame Street fans by the gotees and can drag them...
  13. Baby Animal

    New movies coming out...

    Ok... I say it takes 7 of the 11 nominations. Can't tell you which 7, but 7 of them.
  14. Baby Animal

    New movies coming out...

    Can't wait for February 20th! Going to go see Fiddler on the Roof and then a late night showing of Kill Bill, Vol. 2! It's a guilty pleasure. And Dawn of the Dead looks good too. Anyone know when that comes out?
  15. Baby Animal

    Prairie Home Companion Live in Erie!

    Yeah, I heard it. It was good. I'd like to go to the one at the Greek Theater coming up. Is it as fun live as it is on the air?
  16. Baby Animal

    What version do I have?

    If it has an AOL preview... let me ask one more question. Does it have a case? To me, it sounds like the version of MTM that came with boxes of Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast crunch and the like a year ago. I haven't looked that closely at mine to notice the mistakes, but it probably is the...
  17. Baby Animal

    Post a pic of yourself for all to admire

    I have a bunch of pics and pics of my kids on my homepage.
  18. Baby Animal

    Vital Statistics...

    Name: Tony Do you like your name? Yeah, I've grown accustomed to it over the years. Even my real name is better now than when I was learning to write it. Age: 29 Are you happy being this age? Only for this year. Next year, I'll enjoy being..... 30!! Sex: Only with my wife...
  19. Baby Animal

    Lord of the Rings

    I got Aragon and have an acute hydrophobia. Gotta go home and take a shower....
  20. Baby Animal

    Palisades Board Refugee Camp

    Well, it looks like when you try to log in to the board, it tries sending you to the collector's club site. (BTW, that's back up, the old way.) Glue, you have some 'splainin'!