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  1. Animal31

    How MissPiggy's legs are made?

    Again, to me it looks like they were molded in a bent position on a rod hidden under the skirt. Not connected at all, same method they would use with Kermit at times.
  2. Animal31

    How MissPiggy's legs are made?

    They may not be bendable at all, it may simply be two sets of legs that were used for different scenes.
  3. Animal31

    Creating Patterns ...

    I would also check out the trees from the Wizard of Oz or Pufnstuf for some ideas or inspiration, very cool designs....
  4. Animal31

    Opinions on a Miss Piggy Doll on eBay

    This one has actually been in a thread here on MC as well, this one has been on eBay before, it's the same people who had that Kermit, Count and an Oscar.
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    Bert and Ernie hair

    Look for Black Mongolian, try Fabric Empire or Distinctive Fabrics.
  6. Animal31

    Sewing Kermits Mouth Help

    I feel the same way as TheCreatureWork, my glue gun has a Hi and Low setting, wouldn't do the mouth any other way. With the one exception maybe being something like a Cookie Monster type puppet...
  7. Animal31

    Another Muppetlab Replica :-)

    Personally, I get it sewn up and trimmed before I treat it. To do it afterwards, I always thought the ends looked flat and cut, this ways the tips of the trimmed fur will have the nice ends as well. Plus, it tends to tighten up more when its shorter.
  8. Animal31

    Got a response from the Sesame Puppeteer Workshop...

    I'm not sure what you see as unfair? It was an open call, if a few had worked on other projects (Henson or otherwise) then so be it. Most would love to be able to say that, why downplay that talent of those picked because of it?
  9. Animal31

    I have seen these puppets also on eBay, if this is what you are looking for, you may want to try there. It may also give you peace of mind as far as payment goes as well....
  10. Animal31

    Got a response from the Sesame Puppeteer Workshop...

    James Kemp is a very talented builder and performer, there is a young man in the NJ area on his way there as well named Michael Verdi, very talented builder and performer and I wish them both well...
  11. Animal31

    Fozzie Bear full-size replica on eBay

    I'm curious what kind of value a COA from the artist will bring?
  12. Animal31

    Count Von Count puppet

    There was one on eBay a few weeks ago as well, Count, Miss Piggy, and a Kermit. The Kermit may still be up, I remember he was asking $2-3K for the Count though...
  13. Animal31

    Advice on Painting a Gonzo Replica Puppet

    What a great job! As far as the eyes, if you want a more current Gonzo, you should keep them as is. If you're going for an early Gonzo, then yes, space them out a bit more. Either way, he looks absolutely fantastic...
  14. Animal31

    How to make Kermit?

    Project Puppet sells the patterns, you buy them online and then download them, and I can guarantee you'll be able to use them for more than one puppet to start. Also, check the other threads on here, look under "Kermit build" or something similar for more tips...
  15. Animal31

    Batman Madness

    Okay, you got me on the emblem thing, I never understood that either. He also told Lois that the "shell game" he was doing in Superman II was a game he played as a child, with who, he was raised on Earth?!?!? Personally, I thought Gene Hackman was a great Lex Luthor for what the movie was, it...
  16. Animal31

    Batman Madness

    Actually Luthor didn't have hair in the "classic" movie, it was always wigs. Otis even was arranging them in one scene. I did grow up with the originals, and will admit the sequels always got slightly worse than the last one, but Christopher Reeve will always be THE Superman... The other thing...
  17. Animal31

    Member Stalking

    I totally agree. It was explained not too long ago that the "like" button was to eliminate one word responses, and now the same button can get you banned? Some of these people live for this forum, and obviously are very interested in what everyone has to say and what they contribute. It's not a...
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    Honestly, I'm not sure, I just remember someone posting about it in one of the other discussions...
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    I've also heard mention of some sort of paper they use for Kermit's pupils and the Muppet tongues, can't remember what it is called, but just search pupils and it may pop up...
  20. Animal31

    Cookie Monster's Eye Placement

    They are offset on the actual puppet as well, one is always higher than the other... Never noticed them placed more to the right, but that could just be where the pupil stopped spinning as well.