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    Disney Store's Pepe King Prawn plush

    What's the deal with this guy? Why is he so expensive on eBay?
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    Kermit Jack-in-the-Box

    This is from a few years ago. I'm thinking about listing him on eBay, but I couldn't find any on there to get an idea of how much he will sell for. Does anyone know what it's value might be?
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    Muppet Treasure Island Cabin Boy Gonzo & Rizzo Cheap Again A few months ago, you could get this 2-pack for cheap, but that ended a few weeks ago. But good news, the set is only $7.99 again with free shipping available. It only lists 10 left in stock though, so I wouldn't hold out too much...
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    I might be buying this Pepe replica

    "The picture was then sent to me, I hardly had time to even look at it, so assuming it was the Pepe I built I forwarded it over to Paul so he could have a look. Long behold, I hear from someone on this forum that a post was made claiming I sent him a picture of the real Pepe. Which I did...
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    I might be buying this Pepe replica

    The funny (or sad) thing is, I had no reason to suspect he was a fraud right up until he sent me that Pepe image. Then I posted it here just to get some laughs and that's when the e-mails about him suing me (for "slander", even though he really meant libel) started. Hopefully this opens some...
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    I might be buying this Pepe replica

    Michael must be reading this because he just updated his website to fix that broken link. Now it goes to this blog Nice lack of content. I guess he had to put it up in a hurry. LOL! edit: OMG. He spelled his own blog's name wrong. In his haste to cover his...
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    I might be buying this Pepe replica
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    I might be buying this Pepe replica

    Judging from the broken blog link on his website, he used to go by the name olivers creature shop. Is there some reason he had to change his name? edit: Annnd this thread is very informative: "Oliver's...
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    I might be buying this Pepe replica

    His website is His Facebook has more Disney-owned characters!/CreatureClonesPuppets That Pepe image is not on there. I asked specifically about a Pepe puppet and he initially was not able to send me a photo of the one he claims...
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    I might be buying this Pepe replica

    Yeah, guys, come on. The whole reason I posted this was to point out how obvious it is that he's trying to scam people. His website has some amazing looking replicas and he even sent me a couple of photos of "his" Kermit and Gonzo, but when I pressed him to show me his Pepe, this is what I got...
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    I might be buying this Pepe replica

    Did you see the image I posted? How could I not be satisfied? That Pepe couldn't look anymore like the real Pepe if someone just Photoshopped a picture of Pepe onto a different background.
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    I might be buying this Pepe replica

    I've been in communication with Creature Clones about purchasing some Muppet replicas. I asked for pictures of previous replicas he has made and he sent me this photo of his Pepe. I literally can't believe he made this. It's unbelievable. I literally don't believe it. It looks so much like the...
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    Your Thoughts: "The Muppets" Theatrical Film

    I loved it. I kept hoping for more Pepe and any Rizzo, but I guess they stuck to their original Muppets guns, except for Bobo.
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    The best ever Muppet plush and puppets

    Wow, I didn't know there was a Kermit puppet out there nicer than the Applause one. Do you have photos of it unaltered?
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    Gonzo Replica discounted

    There were 14 originally, but there's only 6 left now. Man, I really want to pull the trigger on one.
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    Disney Store Muppet Merchandise Released

    Pepe showed up. He was worth the wait. Well worth it. He is more amazing than I thought any plush could be. They picked the perfect fabric for his body. Everything is great. He's huge! Man, I hope all the plush characters turn out this nice.
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    Disney Store Muppet Merchandise Released

    My Pepes should have been here today, but Disney screwed up my address even though it's correct on their website! I think my address is too long for their form and it cut off my APT #. I tried to abbreviate it, but it would auto-correct it to the full version. I watched the UPS truck drive...
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    My Muppet Replicas

    I love these. I wish I had this skill set.
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    New Muppet Whatnot Kits at Toys R Us

    There's a BOGO 50% off sale going on now on FAO stuff, which the Whatnots are, but apparently they're claiming that the clothes are not "toys" and therefor do not count towards the deal. Has anyone tried buying anything this week and run into issues?
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    Disney Store Muppet Merchandise Released

    Oh, I guess Pepe is considered a small plush and qualifies for the 2 for 20 deal. I wonder if he's really 15" then.