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    Lots of Muppets Items for Sale

    Last change before I throw stuff up on ebay. I am willing to cut a deal for fellow Muppet collectors if a significant amount is purchased.
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    Lots of Muppets Items for Sale

    Adding to the list Framed hand drawn Kermit the Frog playing Banjo sketch from Disney Sketch Artist - $50 Kermit Build-a-Bear puppet with Kermit t-shirt, jeans, and converse-like shoes - $50 Muppet Monopoly (opened, played once) $15 Muppet Show Chess in tin (some denting to ten) - $10 Plaid...
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    Lots of Muppets Items for Sale

    I will be adding periodically to this list. Muppets Vinylmations Series 1 - $135 (recent ebay sale of 152.50) Muppets Vinylmations Series 2 - $70 (recent ebay sale of $72) Muppets Vinylmations Series 2, no chaser - $40 (recent ebay sale of $50) Muppets Vinylmations 9 inch Rizzo as Mickey Mouse...
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    Gonzo Master Replica For Sale

    I purchased a new Gonzo Master Replica last year. When I received him I changed his clothes once, posed him, and he has been on my collectibles shelf ever since. We are a smoke free house, and Gonzo has been in a pet free room. Gonzo comes complete with his purple tux, the box (and all...
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    Muppet Animal Ear Hat and Vinylmation Combo

    Part of the reason for that might be that the hats are part of the Muppets Series 2 vinylmation release that just came out on April 15th (somewhere around then). The 9 inch vinylmations have not even been released yet. There is a strong chance that they just sent a few products to each of their...
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    Muppet Animal Ear Hat and Vinylmation Combo

    I picked one up yesterday at D-Street at Downtime Disney in Orlando. They had about 10 left.
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    Muppet Vinylmation Series 2

    3" 1. Dr. Teeth 2. Janice 3. Zoot 4. Sgt. Floyd peppers 5. Miss piggy (pigs in space) 6. Link hogthrob (pigs in space) 7. Dr. Julius strangepork (pigs in space) 8. Penguin 9. Scooter 10. Pepe the prawn 11. Lew zeland chaser 12. Waldo 9" 1. Gonzo w/ camilla (3") 2. Muppetvision kermit...
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    Seven Years Later: Disney buys Muppets and Bear

    I think we (the fans) are getting a mixed bag here. The problem is this, if the Muppets tank, Disney can move on to something else: they have animated movies, princesses, comic book heroes and even pirates to fall back on. When the Henson family had control, the Muppets were the big deal. If...
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    Muppet Vinylmation Series 2

    I could not find the original vinylmation series thread, so merge this one if you wish. The next series of Muppets Vinylmation is set to debut sometime between late quarter one and late quarter two. I am certain there is a Janice, fairly confident there is a Gonzo and Animal, and have guesses...
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    Boom Comics - I framed some (with link)

    Michaels had some long frames on sale - buy one get one free. I got two, plus a piece of matte backing for less than $30. I attached the comics with 3m strips, I didn't mind that I was destroying the value frankly because I loved the artistic look. Here is a link to the finished project...
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    The Old Disney Muppets Attraction before Muppets 3D

    I still say a fan driven Muppets Weekend, like the Star Wars Weekends, would be a huge draw. If I were connected with some of the people behind the Muppets, I might would try to put it together myself. Alas, though, the big draw for Star Wars Weekends are the movie stars, and I haven't talked to...
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    The Old Disney Muppets Attraction before Muppets 3D

    Wish I had been around during those days. Last year I did take pictures of all the movie posters in the queue area just in case they ever disappear. I was hopeful that maybe they would do something with the new movie, but the person I know who works at the park said as far as he know, no new...
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    The Old Disney Muppets Attraction before Muppets 3D

    Hey everyone, I was doing some research on Hollywood Studious, used to be known as MGM studious. I came across an neat side and found out at there was an attraction that featured the Muppets before the Muppetvision 3D attraction opened. The link below contains a few pictures of the original...
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    Muppet Koosh?

    I have sent several emails to the koosh people with no response.
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    Jim Shore's Muppet Tradition Statues

    I saw these in Hallmark and frankly I think they look horrible. I like some of the other Jim Shore pieces, but on these the colors are not just wrong, they are distracting. Piggy is barely recognizable, and the designs just leave something to be desired. Not spending my hard earned money on these.
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    Interest in a product...

    Hey everyone, I have student who has created a phenomenal project. She is 12 years old and has created a team with her friends. Together they sew small little birds from fabric and stuff them. They attach ribbon to them and ask for 5$ donations. They are using 100% of the money collected to...
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    Wanted: Muppet Socks

    The closest thing I know of is the socks that Spencer's carries. They have some knee high and ankle socks of some of the muppet characters, but not muppet babies.
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    Muppet Fans: What do you want for Christmas?

    I would like the plaid hat from Spencer's. I also would like an original movie poster from one of the three early movies. Finally, I would really enjoy getting the animal or beaker playset from palisades.
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    Kermit ear hat

    These are available at Walt Disney World in Florida as well. I paid $17 for mine with the embroidary. However, I did have a 10% discount applied towards that price. Expect to pay about $20.
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    How much should I sell the Kermit Replica for?

    I am going to go out on a limb here. Please try to understand that I am not being rude to anyone. Supply verses demand determines price. When I just thought about selling mine a few months ago I got about 25 emails asking for more info. Basically I am trying to say there is a lot of demand...