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  1. charlynoa

    Looking for Muppet sewing/knitting/cross stitch/craft patterns

    Hey, BigHeartsHelpin, maybe co over to ravelry and take a look there. There is already a muppet group and some members made nice muppet dolls/toys. I bet you can find some amigurumi (crochet) patterns there or somewhere in the internet as well.
  2. charlynoa

    Looking for Muppet sewing/knitting/cross stitch/craft patterns

    @ tartoy: There's a link to a download of the patterns here:
  3. charlynoa

    Looking for Muppet sewing/knitting/cross stitch/craft patterns

    Btw: I made some Perler Beads patterns today using the board's smilies. Cookie Monster Fozzie Kermit Scooter Statler Probably more to come...
  4. charlynoa

    Looking for Muppet sewing/knitting/cross stitch/craft patterns

    Thanks so much for that patterns! Does anyone else have cross stitch or sewing patterns? I have fraggle sewing patterns, but unfortunately only in German and it's hard to translate (because I don't really understand the pattern :p )
  5. charlynoa

    Muppet Crushes

    I know this thread is old... but a few weeks ago first saw a few Muppets Tonight episodes and 4 of the movies... and fell in love with pepe :o But I know... he has this effect to all of us woman :rolleyes: ;)
  6. charlynoa

    No real puppetry... just fun Kermit modding ^^

    Thank you! Well... don't have been having a good time (is that right?? I mean... no good time for me for a long time and counting...)
  7. charlynoa

    No real puppetry... just fun Kermit modding ^^

    Let me intodruce to you.... Kermine :) *biggrin*
  8. charlynoa

    Hoggle statue from Labyrinth

    Your work is really great!! (like the ones you did before) Your talent is really adorable!! :excited:
  9. charlynoa

    Muppet Fans on MSN

    I have msn. If you want to add me, my contact-email is: charlynoa (at) :) charly PS: but please don't be confused... I change my nick often... there is a special reason, don't know if you really want to know it... just ask, then
  10. charlynoa

    Your Palisades Collection

    A friend just donated two figures to me :) I don't really collect them, but I really like them and am happy to have some, now.
  11. charlynoa

    The New Pawns & Puppets Website

    Nice site so far. I am going to join the forum, but have a little technical probs (made a new system on my computer just yesterday and there is some software missing, yet, such as java environment etc.). I am really looking forward seeing more of your work :)
  12. charlynoa

    Sad? Why shouldnt I be?

    It's nice to see that we think equally. :excited: True, true!!
  13. charlynoa

    How to start making puppets?

    Hi! Perhaps you could glue anythink into it and then sew that onto the head. Sorry I don't know to express it better. charly
  14. charlynoa

    Confessing Crushes...

    Oh that's great to see that you guys had such weird crushes, too ^^ I had a lot of crushes when I was little, but I don't remember exactly. First of all I really loved Michael J. Fox!!! Then I had a crush on Robin of the old Batman TV- Show. And the most ... well... extreme ?? crush...
  15. charlynoa

    Will and Grace

    Hey! I like it, too... but I am glad I never met people like Karen in reallife, yet. I think I would get a headache because she is so ... weird?? *lol* But the series is very funny. My favourite character is Jack, because he is so crazy and makes me laugh all the time.
  16. charlynoa

    Sad? Why shouldnt I be?

    Thank you! I am really glad to be here (but I'm not the only German ;) ) I don't think we should discuss about religious things ans thinkings... Just being 10 years old you surely can't reflect what it is about the religion you are in. As I know in the USA there are lots of religious...
  17. charlynoa

    Sad? Why shouldnt I be?

    @ JaniceFerSure: I think it's great that you told your story, too. I hope you are comfortable with your life nowadays Some day I am going to write my story, too... but it's a long story and at this moment to difficult for me to express in English. And I also don't know if it is of any...
  18. charlynoa

    Sad? Why shouldnt I be?

    Yes, wou are right... I must have read anouther age... thought he was sixteen. But I didn't want to be rude, I hope that didn't make such an impression, did it? Charly
  19. charlynoa

    Sad? Why shouldnt I be?

    gorgonmanistan: Love doesn't know physicals... Love doesn't matter about the gender of a character! You should think about it. Apart from that.... many things were meant... but this would lead into an endless discussion. Charly
  20. charlynoa

    Cool Puppet Video

    Yeah, this video is really great. Nice "puppet" ...very simple to "build" *lol* I love the idea!! Charly