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  1. doctort13

    Kukla Fran & Ollie fans?

    This DVD is worth EVERY PENNY! I love it and hope that there will be a second edition.
  2. doctort13

    Here's my puppet show!

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! I'll be dragging the puppets out for their first show of 2011 on April 27th. Here's the poster I made:
  3. doctort13

    Do you perform Birthday shows?

    Shows for "Big Kids" Has anyone performed at Senior Centers? My sister suggested that I offer to do a show, as a donation to the center. I am just curious if anyone has tried this?
  4. doctort13

    Do you perform Birthday shows?

    Thanks Great to hear your feedback. I guess birthday shows are not for me at this time, I'll stick with the coffee house, farmer's market gigs for now. For those interested in my work, please check out my blog and the videos I've posted. Have a GREAT day!
  5. doctort13

    Do you perform Birthday shows?

    I have recently started performing live. I have given a little thought to trying to promote my puppet show to parents for birthday parties. I have heard both good and bad (really BAD) stories from other puppeteers. I am curious what others charge, what sort of show do you offer, and any...
  6. doctort13

    How to format live shows

    Flying solo I too perform by myself. I could use a helper to set up & help change puppets between skits in my live show. So far I have done this by having one of the puppets "go backstage" sometimes still talking to the audience while I change puppets. My show runs about 15-20 minutes...
  7. doctort13

    Sesame Street T-Shirts

    What turns me off with the latest Sesame product is the attempt to be "with it" by making the characters more "hip". Example: I understand that SW is marketing these to teens, and needs to sell products that will sell...
  8. doctort13

    Puppet Video I made to promote a show

    A couple of photos from my holiday show Thanks for the comments on my little videos gang! Here are a couple of snaps from the show:
  9. doctort13

    Happy Holidays from Wump Mucket Puppets

    Wishing everyone a wonderful & warm holiday season and a fabulous 2011! Here's a silly little video to give you a chuckle:
  10. doctort13

    Puppet Video I made to promote a show

    Thanks for watching the clip. I am looking forward to performing the show. Have a Merry Christmas!
  11. doctort13

    Puppet Video I made to promote a show

    Here's a link to a video I made to promote a live puppet show that I am performing next week: Happy Christmas everyone! :)
  12. doctort13

    Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey documentary in development

    I would love to see this on DVD too. How about a few clips from Kevin's performances on "Captain Kangaroo" or his very early Baltimore TV appearances, if they are available of course.
  13. doctort13

    Here's my puppet show!

    I have finally finished my puppet show, and even performed it live! I perform all of the puppets, my wife helps me change puppets between scenes. The show is called "Lil Red Sasquatch Hood", it is a silly retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood". Here is a little slide show of my puppet show...
  14. doctort13

    RIP Van Snowden

    I too am sorry to hear about his passing. Pufnstuf was one of my favorite shows when I was a child.
  15. doctort13

    Help needed for puppet web page

    I would like to make a simple web page for my puppets and would like to know if anyone in the Muppet Central universe could suggest a cheap service for a simple web page? My internet provider allows me 100 MB of space, which I am sure is plenty. I would like to register a domain and then...
  16. doctort13

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    I am rockin' to these tunes: "I'm So Glad" - Cream "Up The Junction" - Squeeze "Burning of the Midnight Lamp" Jimi Hendrix Experience
  17. doctort13

    John Astin

    John Astin is GREAT!
  18. doctort13

    Who has a Blog?

    I have a puppetry blog that has pictures and videos of my puppetry. Thanks for taking a peek!
  19. doctort13

    Your Thoughts: The Muppet Show Comic Book

    I really enjoy the comics and feel that they capture the spirit of The Muppets. Maybe Roger Langridge could write a future Muppets movie?
  20. doctort13

    Funny Cookie interview

    Great stuff! Thanks for the link to it. :)