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    FS: Bear in the Big Blue House Items Some items I posted on craigslist that are up for sale. -Megan
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    Which celebrity would you go out with?

    Right now I'm going through my Naveen Andrews phase. He's Sayid from Lost. But, I heard he only liked older women. Or Jai Rodriguez, but I heard he only liked men.... I'm screwed.
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    The RHLC!

    This is what I get for not posting in years... I haven't been on Muppetcentral in ages and I was thinking about Richard tonight and wanted to know if there was anything going on. It was crazy to see all of those posts on his birthday and even crazier seeing all the posts here! The RHLC is...
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    Remembering Richard Hunt

    I wish I did, but there wasnt a picture in the newspaper archive where I found the article. Does anybody have that picture?
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    Remembering Richard Hunt

    I remeber when I first got The Works. I flipped through all the pages to look at the pictures and Richard stood out. Looking at his pictures I could tell he was so full of life, so spunky. I instantly became a fan and everything I read about him makes me love him even more. Ah, and his voice...
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    Wambi- interviews, atricles...

    If anybody cares... I updated the website again w/ another interview. I interviewed a guy named Mark who is a composer and puppeteer. ~megan~
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    Wambi- interviews, atricles...

    Hey People! Wambi is a website I'm working on. It's not a fan site dedicated to the Muppets but it has some stuff that Muppet fans will love. There is an interview with a puppeteer, Greg Jarnigan, who worked on Muppets from Space and television shows with Ed May and Ricky Boyd. There are also...
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    A BIG Happy Birthday to our beloved Jerry!

    woohoo! I hope you're having a great day. You are such a great person and an inspiration to many. Rock on! "breathe through the keyhole turkey dog" - Floyd, the best quote ever
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    What CD's are you looking forward to getting?

    Yesterday the new Rooney CD came out. If you like the sound of guitars and the keyboard or if just think that guys with long hair are sexy you should buy it . Some of the songs have a Californyish type sound and others.... grrrrr I cant describe music so just listen to the stuff on their...
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    Why Floyd Is The Hippest Of The Hip

    My favorite Muppet quote ever is said by Floyd when he's talking to Foo Foo "Breathe through the key hole turkey dog!"
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    50th of ABC

    They also had a clip of miss piggy at the oscars.
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    Have you ever wondered what Tiny Tim musta felt like?

    This might make you feel better... I'm stuck at home for a week w/ the chicken pox. So right now I'm missing my exams. So at least you're not the only one feeling crappy. I really hope you feel better sooner. Maybe you'll get better in less than 6 weeks ;)
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    Are you compatible with Bill?

    Here's a cute website that all the Bill lovers will enjoy. :flirt: I was only 47% compatible.
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    Identify this for me?

    I believe that her name is Wimzie and she isn't a muppet.
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    magazine- Muppet Mania and interview

    So many questions! ahhhhhh :eek: trekkie1701E- I got the magazine at Books a million but I'm sure media play would also sell it. I haven't seen any websites where you can order it. Once my scanner is working I'll scan the stuff and put it on the internet. And the magazine is on...
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    magazine- Muppet Mania and interview

    So... get the magazine KidPlanet. The Muppets are on the cover. Inside there is a Rainbow Connection maze and a "Together Again" word search with words like "Scooter", "Zoot", and "Dr. Strangepork". Then I went to page 48 and almost died. There is an interview with Bill and a picture of him...
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    TMS OUT LINE Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller

    thats brings a smile to my face :)
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    Trading Places was just on...

    I've never seen Jerry in the movie either. :smirk:
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    Short film by Joey Mazzarino/Matt Vogel

    This movie looks like it will be awesome. lol I love it! I'm going to have to make a shirt that says "Kill, Sparky, kill." Its so twisted. :D And listen to the Mighty Wealkings. They're cool.
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    Your favorite stop motion animation films

    I remember that I would watch claymation all the time. There was one that had many Aesop's fables, I think. There was one where a rabbit got stuck to a man made of tar or some goopy stuff. There was another about a thorn patch and one where someone was eating a pie, maybe a cake. This is all...