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  1. Ignatz

    The Muppets and Lady Gaga in new Christmas special November 28 on ABC

    Thanksgiving! That almost definitely means they won't show it in Australia.
  2. Ignatz

    Favorite Gonzo Moment

  3. Ignatz

    "Peanuts" movie in development for November 2015 release

    As the piece was parody I don't think there would be any legal problem, they can't control that as much as they could when Mad Magazine parodied the characters when Schulz was alive.
  4. Ignatz

    Alternate Titles

    Not quite alternative titles but I always thought that A Muppet Christmas Carol and Muppets In Space rolled of the tongue better. Also a Strangelove esque title: The Muppets Take Manhattan: or How Kermit Stopped Worrying and Learnt to Love the Pig.
  5. Ignatz

    Ricky Gervais in Talks to Star in 'Muppets' Sequel

    I agree with Beuregard. If they are trying to get non-Muppet fans they don't neccesarily have to have a celebrity as the protagonist, the celebrity will obviously be on the poster and when they get into the cinema what does it matter what role that celebrity is playing they've already payed to...
  6. Ignatz

    New Muppet Caper Movie 2013 Official Thread

    Do you mean Karl and Warrick? Or perhaps Stephen Merchant?
  7. Ignatz

    Arthur - Where is the Show Going?

    I don't no much about animation but can does Flash limit the shots you can replicate? For most parts it just seems like a lot of midshots and closeup were used with no angles.
  8. Ignatz

    Arthur - Where is the Show Going?

    It's really dissapointing because as I said before the dream sequences were one of the main reasons I watched the show. The references to films, TV and literature in there and the inventivness of these scenes were great and it doesn't really work with the new animation.
  9. Ignatz

    Arthur - Where is the Show Going?

    Just watched some of the new season, has the animation changed? It apears more clunky then previous seasons and the fantasy seasons which were usually where the show expelled seem to have become more downplayed to fit into the animation.
  10. Ignatz

    The Cute Wars

  11. Ignatz

    Favorite Season of the Muppet Show

    I can't decide between seasons 3-5 the quality was really consistent through all these seasons.
  12. Ignatz

    Peter Sellers

    Looking in the index of my copy of The Life and Death of Peter Sellers there isn't a section covering the recording of the Muppet Show episode.
  13. Ignatz

    Muppet Show Song Ideas?

    Rowlf singing and playing the piano 'Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma' with each verse more crazy things happen in the background.
  14. Ignatz

    If you were a Muppet Show Guest Star...

    I would probably do a number with Crazy Harry like Jean Stapleton did with 'I'm Just Wild About Harry'. Be the second news reporter in a Muppet News Flash every time the Newman would cut to me having a wild news story that caused the Newsman to get hurt in some way. Go on stage with Fozzie and...
  15. Ignatz

    Who is more popular?

    It seems like I had the opposite expeirience from most people on this thread, I first saw the Muppet movies I thought Kermit didn't have much personality other than being the only sane one in the group, watching the Muppet Show made me lighten to the character.
  16. Ignatz

    New Muppet Caper Movie 2013 Official Thread

    'On the Muppets' Secret Service'
  17. Ignatz

    Wish list for cameos in the next Muppet movie

    We all know Muppet movies have lots of celebrity cameos, so what would be your wish list of cameos in The Muppet's sequel be?
  18. Ignatz

    "The Great Santa Claus Switch" should be on DVD

    I personally would love to see it on DVD. Is it available online anywhere?
  19. Ignatz

    Muppet Show Song Ideas?

    Wish I'd thought of that they would sound much better with that song than Kermit.
  20. Ignatz

    Muppet Show Song Ideas?

    'You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile' - Kermit the Frog