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    Rare Fozzie Bear Hand Puppet Ruck Sack

    This is a rare vintage Fozzie Bear backpack which has an opening at the back allowing for access to the workable mouth so you can use him as a ruck sack or a hand puppet. Bid now for this fantastic item, free delivery included...
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    Puppeteer's Resources Links

    I'm hoping to eventually create my own Swedish Chef puppet but am wondering how I would go about doing this- i.e. materials that I would need, method in moulding the shapes out of foam etc? Any tips/resources would be great, thanks! :hungry:
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    Can the MR Gonzo be converted to a puppet?

    Hi there, Just received my MR Gonzo in the post today and he is absolutely brilliant! However, I have a collection of 'muppet puppets' consisting of Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal and was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to convert Gonzo into a working puppet himself? Also, how...