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  1. DrGoshposh

    Your Thoughts: Miss Piggy on Martha

    Are we sure this was Eric as Piggy? As was said by someone else, her voice seemed a little bit deep, and I also thought that it was Frank doing the voice for the first time in a while, but it was hard to tell.
  2. DrGoshposh

    Muppet Auditions: Los Angeles

    Who was there conducting the auditions? Any big name Muppeteers? Kevin Clash and Martin Baker were in New York, were they in LA too?
  3. DrGoshposh

    Let's Eat DVD skits.

    A Muppet-fan friend of mine asked me a question to which I have no answer, but I'm sure someone here can help out. He got his kids the Let's Eat Sesame Street DVD, and he said he was surprised to see new skits with Grover and Fat Blue. According to him, these were bits that go between old...
  4. DrGoshposh

    Whos goin to the NYC audition besides me?!?

    I think I remember seeing an ad in Variety that the Muppets were auditioning. I didn't see the ad until after the date had passed, or else I would have been there. That is probably the one that you went to. So how many people were there to audition? Were there hundreds of you lined up on...
  5. DrGoshposh

    Whos goin to the NYC audition besides me?!?

    I'll be there. My emotions are running from excitement and confidence to dread and fear, but I'm going through with it. I figure it will be lots of fun in the end, and a chance to see the Big Apple again. I have questions about logisitcs, though. For those going, how early are you planning...
  6. DrGoshposh

    Matt Vogel

    Is there any specific reason that Matt does the Journey segments as Big Bird exclusively? Was it a cost issue, or did they want to give the viewers a taste of both Birds to make the transition more gradual?
  7. DrGoshposh

    Storyteller DVD

    I'm glad you said this. I was beginning to worry that this was a problem with my particular copy. I will say that some of the episodes look better than others. "Fearnot" was the first I saw, and all the way through, it had that "screen" look that you spoke of. Then I watched "The Heartless...
  8. DrGoshposh

    Copyright trouble

    Do you submit a picture or pictures of the puppet? I couldn't quite make out how to submit the 3-dimensional work. But thanks for the link. Scott
  9. DrGoshposh

    Fran Brill and Carmen Osbahr

    I think I remember reading online that Carmen was married and had a child. That's all I know. Scott
  10. DrGoshposh

    Disney in talks to buy Muppets

    Sid My avatar is the Flub-a-dub from the Howdy Doody Show. The Flub-a-dub is eight animals in one. He has a duck's bill, a cat's whiskers, a cocker spaniel's ears, the neck of a giraffe, the body of a dachshund, a seal's flippers, a pig's tail and the memory of an elephant. He was created by...
  11. DrGoshposh

    Disney in talks to buy Muppets

    I hate to be negative, because the Muppets have meant so much to me in my life, but people are afraid the a Disney buyout will be the death of the Muppets' creativity. Well, honestly, where has that creativity been in the last few years. I understand there are a lot of factors involved in...
  12. DrGoshposh

    Selling Puppets

    Hi Adam, I too make puppets, and have thought about making some for sale (I eventually lost intrest, though). But I was once asking myself the same question as you, so what I did was to look on some of the puppet websites I knew of and compared the styles, materials, and appearances of the...
  13. DrGoshposh

    Remembering Fred Rogers...

    Mister Rogers was and is a big influence on my life. And though I'm glad we all got the chance to know him, I am heartbroken that my neighbor is gone. Scott
  14. DrGoshposh

    Whatnot Howard

    Actually, I think the puppet was first used as one of the pig warriors in Muppet Treasure Island. I have an MTI calendar that has a picture of a group of pigs, and one particular a fat male pig always caught my eye, and made me smile. I think that was Howard. I'm not 100%sure. Scott
  15. DrGoshposh

    Frank Oz

    Foz I think that was the reason that Fozzie's character didn't work in Muppets From Space. Fozzie's puppeteer stuck to the script, when I know Frank would have played around more, and given Fozzie more personality had he had a hand in things. However, in Muppet Treasure Island, I really...
  16. DrGoshposh

    Edgier Muppets?

    No, you misunderstand what I was trying to say. The Muppets are not for adults. They have always been intended for families (safe for kids, but entertaining for both kids and adults). The point I was trying to make is that Jim had every opportunity to push children away, but he didn't (that's...
  17. DrGoshposh

    Biography Close-Up: Sesame Street

    Oh, and . . . (sorry to double post here, but I finally want to get my Member status after all these months) I just remembered that there are clips of Bert and Ernie on the show's pilot episode. There was also footage of the Orange Oscar and the first Big Bird.
  18. DrGoshposh

    Biography Close-Up: Sesame Street

    It is a great special. About half of it takes you through the planning and production of the Hurricane Week that aired a couple of years back, and the rest of the show deals with the show's history. I don't remember much discussion of old characters, but it is still very insightful for the...
  19. DrGoshposh

    Edgier Muppets?

    True, but had he wanted the Muppets to be for adults only, he could have had the screenplay for the Muppet Movie littered with salty language and references to adult habits. But he didn't because the knew that children would be watching, and I think he felt some responsibility to the kids...
  20. DrGoshposh

    Edgier Muppets?

    I hear you loud and clear. The Muppets are family entertainment, but it seems that people who make TV shows and movies aimed at a family audience feel that the program is unattractive to adults unless there is something distinctly adult about it. The eggnog-chugging and cage-dancing are...