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  1. Hartley

    Diamond Select Toys to Produce new Muppet figures and mini mates!

    What are "digital exclusive waves"?
  2. Hartley

    Sesame Street Canceled Figures Interview

    Waiter Grover and Fat Blue!! :sigh: "Singe an itty bitty, Charlie!"
  3. Hartley

    Diamond Select Toys to Produce new Muppet figures and mini mates!

    Well, delighted as I am to see a new line of muppet figures, I'll be giving these a miss. That seam line on Kermit's upper lip just looks awful and kills any likeness stone dead, the eyes are very crude, and I still think his hands are way too big. The other figures don't seem so bad (and Bean...
  4. Hartley

    Diamond Select Toys to Produce new Muppet figures and mini mates!

    What's with Kermit's massive hand??
  5. Hartley

    FS: Palisades Muppet action figures

    Could I buy just Rizzo's slice of pizza (not the pizza in box)? It's his only accessory that I'm missing. Unfortunately I'm in the UK so the cost of postage may make it not worthwhile...?
  6. Hartley

    EBay UK possible bargain

    Now relisted at £48!
  7. Hartley

    EBay UK possible bargain

    Someone on eBay UK is selling a job lot of about 20 figures for a buy-it-now price of £58 with £8 shipping. Looks like some accessories are missing and a couple of the figures are broken, but could still be a bargain for someone. (I've posted this here...
  8. Hartley

    Diamond Select Toys to Produce new Muppet figures and mini mates!

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing these new figures (although I also have a big Palisades collection so personally can do without more Kermits and Fozzies - five of each is quite enough!), I do wonder, however, how easy they'll be to get here in the UK...
  9. Hartley

    Wanted: Palisades Electric Mayhem Figures

    I agree the buy-it-now figures on eBay are usually overpriced, but eBay really is your best bet in my opinion. Bargains do turn up sometimes, you just need to keep an eye on it and have patience. Most of my collection is from eBay, and I've never paid anywhere near the silly buy-it-now prices...
  10. Hartley

    Palisades figures and playsets on eBay UK

    Excellent, that's exactly where my Rizzo is! (The figures I sold were spares from a big job lot I bought off someone, I haven't sold off my own collection or anything.) Thanks for buying, glad you like him!
  11. Hartley

    I've resurrected my old Collection!

    Love it! Great collection. Love the campfire setting you've got, although I'd be very torn between having Robin with Sweetums or having him toasting his marshmallows over the fire!
  12. Hartley

    Palisades figures and playsets on eBay UK

    Hi all, I've listed a lot of Palisades Muppet figures and playsets on eBay at the moment, please have a look :-)
  13. Hartley

    Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street collection for sale

    I bought the Rainbow Connection Kermit last night, hope that helps with your finances a bit :) I've noticed on some of the items that didn't sell your sister has misspelled Palisades as "Palidases" - if you get her to relist them with the right spelling they'll have a better chance of selling...
  14. Hartley

    Another "My Collection" Post :)

    Hi everyone, I've finally got all my figures properly displayed so I thought I'd show them off :) The whole collection, in two Ikea Detolf cabinets (it's like they were designed for these figures!) First shelf, Jim has a nice jam with some of the band, while Fozzie provides the laughs. But...
  15. Hartley

    Truly awful figures

    Oh absolutely, but still, they can look a bit more like the real thing than that! And over 12" tall so not that small really. I've seen 6" plush Statlers that look a lot more like him than that figure does. (And 12" plushes of other characters that look almost exactly like the real thing.)
  16. Hartley

    Truly awful figures

    Sometimes you see something that reminds you just how lucky we were to get the Palisades line of figures... If it wasn't actually named in the listing, I would honestly have no clue who that was meant to be!
  17. Hartley

    Which Muppet do you relate to?

    Grover. I'm always eager to help, but will often make a mess of it in some way. I once tried to help build a shed, but just ended up nailing my glove to it, I've hit my own hand with a hammer while planting a tree, trapped my coat in the car door with both arms full of stuff... I'm also built...
  18. Hartley

    Why do the "New" Muppets look so off?

    What on earth is that Fozzie from?? It's hideous!! It looks worse than the Muppet Show season one Fozzie with the freaky smiling and frowning mouth. Are you sure it's not a fan-made Fozzie or something? He certainly doesn't look like that in the trailer for the new movie!
  19. Hartley

    Palisades Super Grover Action Figure

    Well Super Grover arrived today, and I couldn't be happier - he's in perfect condition, in his box (which appears to have never been opened) and he even has his original Palisades white mailer box. I've had some bargains off eBay over the years but never anything like this! And Rowlfy662, I'm...
  20. Hartley

    Palisades Super Grover Action Figure

    Am I dreaming, or have I really won a boxed Super Grover on eBay for £10??