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  1. Face Ache

    Beaker Mouth Mechanics

    I made a quick and not-overly-accurate Beaker a few years ago, and this was my mouth mechanism - the grey bit being coat hanger. No need to put your hand inside the head.
  2. Face Ache

    Original Creature Workshop Wooden Crate

    A friend of mine is selling this on eBay. Thought you guys might like a heads-up... ORIGINAL Creature Workshop London Maquette Wooden Crate
  3. Face Ache

    What was the last thing you bought on eBay and why

    50 magnets! I make Thunderbirds puppet replicas and the backs of their heads are held on with magnets. $3 including postage from Hong Kong.
  4. Face Ache

    Animal collar replica from the Muppet Movie

    Hi Chris, I've been thinking that with two sets of these long spikes... ... some large upholstery tacks/nails, a bit of PVC plumbing pipe and some metallic paint, you could probably knock up your own Animal collar in about an hour. :halo: Another...
  5. Face Ache

    Drum kit for Animal replica

    Looks great, chris! :D
  6. Face Ache

    Drum kit for Animal replica

    I've been trying to find a place to host my image for the drum front. It's a bit big. You can click it to find bigger (huge) versions. (On Flickr, right-click to get other sizes) It ain't perfect, but printed at the right size it looks pretty good (IMO).
  7. Face Ache

    Worst/creepiest puppets/puppeteer work

    My 1975 Cremeal Frankenstein ventriloquist puppet would have to rank on the Creepy Scale. Muahaha! Early Gerry Anderson shows had a lot of creepy puppets.
  8. Face Ache

    RIP Gerry Anderson

    I'm active in the Gerry Anderson replica making scene, and for us this is like losing Jim Henson. At least he didn't suffer with Alzheimers for too long. RIP. "Dead, M'lady?!" "Yes Parker. A very sad day."
  9. Face Ache

    Drum kit for Animal replica

    Well mine does still look toyish, so I'm sure yours will turn out better. Mine had to fit on a 40x40cm cabinet. Oh, and you can see in this picture that my Animal is sitting on a cardboard box. Shhh! lol. The stool with the kit was too low. I drew my bass drum logo from this image. Yes...
  10. Face Ache

    Drum kit for Animal replica

    Drew it in Photoshop and had it printed and laminated at a local shop for $16. That's the one. Mine was pink. lol. I see they've added more drums since I bought mine. All up, I think it cost me around $65.
  11. Face Ache

    Drum kit for Animal replica

    You can find adhesive glitter vinyl on eBay, if you're interested. Here's my $30 toy drum set...
  12. Face Ache

    Puppet Strings Help

    You can buy metal fishing line. The original Thunderbirds puppets used tungsten wire, and those puppets are quite heavy. Maybe you could use metal line for the supporting strings, and invisible thread for the limbs.
  13. Face Ache

    Animal collar replica from the Muppet Movie

    FYI: A Google search for "lithiumbrain" finds A dig around that forum leads to threads where "buddylove" ( says he's part owner of Silver Shampain Novelties. Maybe email them questions...
  14. Face Ache

    Underrated music

    Elbow. live @ Abbey Road
  15. Face Ache

    Your Animal Replica Pictures

    Hello Muppet Fans. Been lurking for a while. Thought I'd share a pic of my MR Animal. Not customised much. Coloured his eyelids black with permanent marker and added $8 of plastic chain which I sprayed silver. Used hair wax to get his...