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  1. mariolover

    I am leaving MC forums for good.

    Just wait and see. I will prove it like I’ve proven other things before. Also, this reply is my last post ever on this forum, so if anyone else posts in here, don’t expect me to reply.
  2. mariolover

    I am leaving MC forums for good.

    Also, how do I remove email notifications? I am done receiving emails from here.
  3. mariolover

    I am leaving MC forums for good.

    This will make a lot of you sad, but social media has been causing a lot of drama and negativity in my life, and I just unfollowed a lot of people on Instagram and unfriended a handful of people on Facebook I don’t talk to regularly, not because I hate them or don’t care about them, but I just...
  4. mariolover

    Looking back on my past posts and behavior

    I’ve learned a lot about how to be more compassionate and loving towards others. Looking back on my past posts on here and on Facebook over a month ago, my posts made me come across like a bigoted jerk, which is not what I intended or wanted. I professed love and acceptance, but I was acting...
  5. mariolover

    The New Am I The Only One Thread

    Forgiveness is a really tricky concept. It does not mean condoning what the other person did,or allowing the painful actions of another to continue in your life. It simply means releasing the other person, letting them go, and not holding onto the pain. I’ll admit I have a hard time with that...
  6. mariolover

    The New Am I The Only One Thread

    I refuse to associate with certain people, but I still forgive them and turn the other cheek, and I still care about them to a degree. I pray for them and send them compassion from a distance.
  7. mariolover

    The Weird Dreams Thread

    One time, I had a dream where I was in school, and they graded us based on the Hindu caste systems! Brahmins Sudras Vaisyas Kshatriyas Untouchables and Outer Darkness/Sons of Perdition (the lowest caste, from Mormonism instead of Hinduism) I have also had multiple dreams where I ended...
  8. mariolover

    The New Am I The Only One Thread

    Am I the only one here who literally has no hatred for anybody? Not even terrorists. I definitely don’t condone what they do. It is unacceptable, but I have compassion for them to an extent because I imagine they must be really miserable inside and they don’t know how else to handle it. I...
  9. mariolover

    RIP Alex Trebek

    After a long battle with cancer, the host of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek passed away early this morning, surrounded by family and friends. We will miss him 😢. May he Rest In Peace.
  10. mariolover

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Ghost of You by MCR! Love this one!
  11. mariolover

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Just finished listening to Closer To Fine by Indigo Girls (studio version). Now I’m listening to Walkin’ On The Sun by Smash Mouth! Fun Fact: the Indigo Girls came to my college in 2002! But I was too young to see them unfortunately.
  12. mariolover

    Unpopular Opinions

    Anyone else here love being a non-conformist? It's hard to stand alone and have controversial unpopular opinions (politics/religion), but it's also so liberating! It doesn't have to be about the same things as me. I'm just wondering if anyone else here also loves being a non-conformist about...
  13. mariolover

    The “What did you do today?” thread

    Took a test for my religion class! I had to write an essay about the Trinity and I feel like I did well! I am going to read my Bible later today and hang out with a friend too! I think my religion professor is okay. The only thing I don’t like about him is that he is closed minded. He will try...
  14. mariolover

    My news story (recorded in 2004)

    I was on the news when I was 4. I may have already posted this but I can’t remember. Check it out! My autism was a lot bigger back then. This is a story of where I was at back then! Compare that to now! I am very high functioning! I beat the odds!
  15. mariolover

    Bible Study

    The hardest person for me to talk to my faith about is my biological Dad. He is a New-Ager and a Universalist and certainly not a Christian (look it up if you don’t know what that is.). He believes the Bible is a bunch of fairy tales, and it makes him very angry when I bring up God. I still...
  16. mariolover

    The 'What Song Are You Currently Listening To?' Thread

    Here is some trailer music I'm sure many of you will recognize. It was seen on trailers for Now & Then, Madeline, Jack, Disney DVD, Dumbo 2 (cancelled which probably means it would've sucked), Pooh's Grand Adventure, Lilo And Stitch, and Little Secrets:
  17. mariolover

    The game show thread

    Louie Anderson Family Feud premiere. First new episode of the reboot also!
  18. mariolover

    PBS Kids was influential

    I remember most of these too 😊
  19. mariolover

    Any Closing Logos Fans?

    This is another logo from my childhood that I have fond memories of: Seen on most Universal and Polygram releases of the time (except for ones with bonus features and DreamWorks tapes.) Strangely, it wasn’t seen on the 1998 VHS of Barney’s Great Adventure or the 2001 VHS of The Land Before...
  20. mariolover

    PBS Kids was influential

    Here is another one I grew up with: And also this Zoboomafoo spin-off (and of course I also grew up with Zoboomafoo itself): I definitely remember watching Wishbone as a little kid: Also, I MIGHT have very vague memories of the show below, but I can’t confirm I even watched it. If I did...